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The Accessory Mounting System


        When putting your system together, have you ever wished that you could put a fan in a particular spot or had a surface you could mount something to? If so, then The Accessory Mounting System will make your life so much easier. This system consists of; mounting holes along the door perimeters, Accessory Mounts, Plate Attachments, a 120.1 radiator mount and multiple Fan Mounts. Almost any physical space inside the case can be used for mounting an item with this system.


        In the pictures below notice all of the small holes around the door perimeter (SM8 case used):


        Each hole is a mounting point for anyone of the following items:

        Vertical And Horizontal Accessory Mounts (MAC-XXX, multiple variants for most cases)

         Fan Mount (120mm) -Standard (MAC-114)        Fan Mount (120mm) - .75" Offset (MAC-115)   
               fan-mount-standard.jpg               fan-mount-.jpg                 

             Fan Mount (120mm) - 90 degree (MAC-157)
                  Fan Mount (120mm) - Quad (MAC-178)

               Attachment Plate - Small (MAC-116                         Attachment Plate - Small .75" Offset (MAC-117)
          dsc-4410.jpg                      dsc-4408-1.jpg

                    Attachment Plate - Large (MAC-118)                            Attachment Plate - Large .75" Offset (MAC-119)
       dsc-4409.jpg     dsc-4407.jpg

                     120.1 Radiator Mount (MAC-149)


These specialized mounts are held in place with included thumbscrews, and can be configured in almost endless combinations. (White accessories have been used for clarity.) To purchase Accessory Mounting System Components, click here.




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