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STH10 Chassis Reversal Kits (pricing varies)


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This is a conversion kit for the STH10 that allows the chassis to be converted from standard to reverse or reverse to standard.

Standard kit includes:

  • Front chassis
  • Rear chassis
  • Chassis Divider (with new rubber grommets and motherboard guide rails.)

You are also able to change form factors for an added cost. When selecting the upgrade to change form factors, these additional parts are included;

  • Motherboard Tray and corresponding Chassis Divider

The PCI backplate is to be reused.  

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  1. STH10 Chassis Reversal Kits

    Posted by Ali Umar on 26th Nov 2014

    awesome kit,comes with front/rear and centre panel,i had a standard version and change it to reverse,it took 45 minutes to convert it,once you taken out some screws from the first case as you are dismantling it,you are building up again,the only thing which was a pain is the clips that holds the panels,which took 20 minutes and you have reverse the mounts on the doors,and you reuse all of the rest of your panel,a simple job(if you are not sure,check the manual)which covers standard and reverse,another great product from caselabs.

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