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Sponsorship and Review Requests

Sponsorship requests:

We receive sponsorship requests frequently, and unfortunately due to the costs involved with providing/discounting product, we are not able to fulfill all requests. With that being said we are not opposed to sponsoring builds either. If you wish to inquire about a possible sponsorship we ask that you meet these minimum requirements, and provide this information in an email proposal.

  • We need to see a minimum of 3 previous builds. This can be links to build logs or a portfolio of work with images. The builds should be unique with high quality photographs included. They should demonstrate professionalism and creativety.

  • A marketing proposal indicating which and how the following would be incorporated into your build: Videos, Trade shows, Social Media, High profile build logs, etc.
  • Have at least one other official sponsor on board with the project. Contact information required for verification purposes.
  • Provide a detailed plan for the project with an estimated time of completion.
  •  Name (including handles and/or screen names) and shipping address.

Even if you meet these requirements we may not be able to guarantee sponsorship. Please email all inquiries to  with all of the above requirements addressed.


Review requests:

Similar to sponsorship requests, we receive these frequently, and will not always have sample units available. If you wish to review one of our products please provide the following information in an email proposal to

  • Specify the type of review (written or video) with a link to site and/or channel. Please include site statistics including subscribers, visits and page views.
  • Existing reviews on channel or website must pertain to water cooling and/or enthusiast level PC products.
  • Shipping address with company phone number. Email addresses must also be under a company email address (i.e. no Hotmail, Gmail or similar email accounts should be used as a point of contact)


We will only respond to requests that furnish ALL of the information specied above.