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Silverstone 120mm Fan Filter


Product Description

Silverstone 120mm fan filter. Fine mesh. Black with four black fan screws. We use this filter on many of our builds.

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  1. Unusable in Bullet case

    Posted by Alex Buzak on 6th Nov 2016

    I purchased these to filter the air intake to my Bullet BH4 mATX Case. However they would not fit in any reasonable fashion. They were too large to fit on either the front 2 or top 2 120mm fan mounts. After attempting to use them proved unsuccessful, I ended up getting rid of them and buying something different.

    I'm sure they work well in a different cases, this experience was just with the Bullet BH4 mATX Case.

  2. okay filter

    Posted by mike hoang on 30th Jun 2015

    Its an okay filter. Only problem is when you want to clean it well you have to unscrew it from your computer tower. The way they should have designed it should let you remove the filter and just pop it back in. It does its job though.

  3. Very good product

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2014

    Plastic made, easy to mount, does well what it's supposed to do.

  4. up to you

    Posted by Whatts on 4th Feb 2013

    The bigger question here is if you want to run filters or not. If you do, these are good quality, come with screws and if you order them here at CaseLabs you'll get them at a decent price.
    I would like to have a removable filter option, but this would require a redesign for some of the CL offerings.

  5. Great filter but

    Posted by chris g aka socketus on 6th Jan 2013

    So I've got my CL ST10 with the cool vented flexbays, and I know from experience that I want to finely filter the fans behind those bay panels.
    Silverstone filters that screws to the fan that screws to the flexbay mount seem to be the fix.

    But once you get it all together, you notice 2 things - you won't be able to slip that filter out as you can with today's case that has slide out filter panels - you're either going to have to disassemble the flexbay - unscrew the flexbay from the case, then unscrew the filter from the fan. Or else you simply use your source of air - metro data-vac - to blow the dust loose from the filter, from outside or inside the case. Hmm.

    The 2nd thing you notice is that the filter blocks the fan blade visibility - in my case, a black case with Cougar orange fans - you cannot tell that there is an orange fan behind the mesh of the filter.

    All in all - a good product that is needed. Your choice is just that - your choice to use or not.

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