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PSU Support Mount - MAGNUM

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Product Description

This is a PSU support mount for the all MAGNUM case lines (M8,M10,MH10,T10,TH10(A),SMH10,STH10, SMA8 and TX10) The PSU support bracket reduces strain on the mounting threads of long & heavy power supplies. Not required, but can be helpful on 1000+ watt PSU's. PSU mounting tape is included to help reduce vibration. Specify standard or reverse orientation for standard or reverse ATX cases except STH10 Cases, see note below.

Single Wide MAGNUM Cases - Uses either Standard or Reverse PSU support mounts. Standard ATX layout - the Standard PSU Mount installs on the cable management side, and the Reverse PSU mount installs on the MB side. Reverse ATX layout - the Standard PSU Mount installs on the MB side, and the Reverse PSU mount installs on the cable management side.

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  1. Excellent mount..!

    Posted by Ted on 1st Mar 2015

    Excellent mount for the PSU.

  2. Solid support even for huge PSUs

    Posted by Marco on 13th Feb 2015

    I always thought that standard PSUs holes on the back of the case were more than enough to mount huge PSUs like my EVGA 1200P SuperNova, so I kinda envisioned this PSU Support just like a cool accessory to have.

    Man I was wrong.

    In his simplicity this is truly a really ingenious way to offer proper support for all those long PSUs. This is one of the most important accessory of the entire CaseLabs lineup and it truly helps to reduce strain on the PSU's mounting threads. Also it comes with a thick rubber band that you can cut to lenght and attach to the metal plate, to ensure that no vibrations from the PSU fan are transmitted to the case.

    A must have for all the PC enthusiasts.


  3. Solid Foundation!

    Posted by Gary Murphy on 29th Oct 2014

    Excellent foundation for those heavy power supply units. Provides peace of mind knowing the PSU is fully supported inside the case.

  4. great product lacking support for psu

    Posted by JT on 6th Oct 2014

    Great quality product as always from CL.
    Made of thick aluminum, easy assembly. PSU lie sideways.
    The only thing is the PSU does not rest on the support. I know CL
    provided the sponge but they are 2 thin strips. In the end I used my own sponge which is thicker as well for full support of the PSU.
    Perhaps CL should provide such a sponge to cover the entire base of the PSU support. I am using the super flower 1200w platinum PSU.
    [CaseLabs: Thank you for your review. The PSU support does allow for some adjustment, so please be sure that is has been. It should have a tight fit with the strips provided.]

  5. Great for Larger PSU's!!!!

    Posted by Joe on 14th Jul 2014

    A have 2 PSU's in my TH10A Case. A Corsair AX1500i (Which is HUGE) and a Corsair AX1200i PSU which is also Pretty Large! And the mounts hold them up with NO Problems!!! They even come with sticky Back Mounting tape to reduce Any Vibrations!
    A Must Have Item!!!

  6. No support

    Posted by Mark on 2nd Jun 2014

    Got this to support Seasonic X-1250, however the bracket sits about 1/4" below the PSU not supporting any weight. Not so good for me.

    [CaseLabs: The PSU Mount is designed to sit 1/16" below the the PSU to provide space for the foam padding tape that is provided with the kit. Contacting our customer service department is a quick way to clarify things like this and save frustration - thanks!]

  7. More option is always better

    Posted by Christophe on 16th May 2014

    I didn't feel like putting the EVGA 1300G2 with only four screws, it's not absolutely necessary, but it's nice to have the option.

  8. Added support

    Posted by Anthony Anderson on 2nd Apr 2014

    Not absolutely necessary but when you start getting those large power supplies, it's nice having support. It gives a nice cosmetic look also, all around worth it. You've gone this far with a high end case, why not add finishing touches.

  9. Nice Add-On

    Posted by Steve on 21st Mar 2014

    I purchased this because I'm planning for a rather large 1250 Watt power supply. They say it isn't "necessary" but I take comfort in knowing that the supply isn't being suspended by four small screws at the back of the cabinet. This shelf is nice and for the price hard pass up. It's good value.

  10. Extreme PSU weight/Size & CaseLabs PSU Mount

    Posted by Larry Alexander on 21st Jan 2014

    Koolance 1300/1700 watt
    Size 239.8 mm long x 135.0 mm tall
    Note the length does not include the water block or fittings. The dimensions is the PSU case only.
    Weight: 16.50 LBS or 7.48 KG dry weight.

    Doing a dry weight test for the fit and support. Caution the Koolance PSU has been discontinued and will not work properly in this orientation the PSU must be mounted flat only if you still own one.

    The Koolance PSU had to be mounted flat not on the side and in one specific orientation or you would damage the PSU. Always mounted the Koolance PSUs in a computer cases with bottom mount cases only. Because of the PSU weight factor and size of the PSU. would never attempt to put a Koolance 1300/1700w PSU in the upper mounts or mid mounts in a computer case. The PSU must be supported from the back mounting plate and at the bottom of the PSU. The PSU had to be supported from the bottom of the PSU case and many times you ended up adding padding between the case and the bottom of the PSU. Wanted to test the mount with the 1300/1700w liquid cooled PSU. Because of its size and weight. I do not believe there is a heavier or larger PSU on the market could be mistaken not An expert. The Koolance PSU requires a special adapter plate provided by Koolance to fit a standard PSU mount. To fit the PSU in some cases you had to use a case extension on certain cases because of the length of the PSU.
    For testing purposes opted to raise the PSU mount to the upper PSU mounting option. If there is going to be an issue mounting any PSU in this mount and damaging the CaseLabs Case or the threads in the PSU for the mounting bracket. After taking the CaseLabs Support bracket and adding the Anti Vibration strip pads installed mounted the support bracket to the case very simple installation. The PSU mount with the anti vibration pads fit perfectly. The pads are not only for anti vibration they protect the PSU when you slide a PSU into position for mounting purposes. Slid in the Koolance 1300/1700 PSU and mounted the adapter plate to the CaseLabs PSU mount on the back of the case. Then bolted down the PSU to the adapter plate. Very impressed the CaseLabs Case frame did not sag, twist or bend due to the quality of CaseLabs Cases and PSU mount. The mount did its trick and eliminated any possibility of damage to the case frame or holes in the back of the case and eliminated any possibility of striping out the screw holes in the back of the mount for the PSU. My concern was stripping out the mounting screw holes in the back of the PSU and damaging the PSU from the weight of the PASU itself. I added leverage to the frame and the PSU mount by pushing down on the end of the PSU to add torque to the mount and Case Labs Frame. Not sure how much torque I added since I do not have any way to measure the applied pressure I will say I was not afraid to apply a good deal of pressure on the end of the PSU since the PSU is solid and secure. The case Labs Frame did not move and the mounting plate did its trick.

    My recommendation to Case Labs for an improvement on the PSU mounting plate is to add connectors for Zip Ties on the back of the mounting plate. There is plenty of room between the back of the mounting plate and the back of the mother board tray to coil in a loop excessive PSU cabels and zip tie them down. This would really be beneficial if you are using Cable extensions . By coiling up the excessive cable and mounting it to the back of the PSU mounting plate then you do not have any cables mounted to the back of the mother board tray. This makes removing the mother board tray for maintenance or hardware updates very simple.

    Over all the Mounting plate for the PSU is not required but the benefits certainly beneficial for the following reasons.

    1. Helps protect the PSU from damage. Possible to damage the PSU mounting threads in the back of a PSU without the mounting plate to give added support to the PSU.
    2. Cleaner install for the PSU
    3. Improved cable management.
    Suggestion add 2 slots to the back of the plate of the PSU mounting bracket for zip ties for improved cable management.

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