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Pedestal - Mercury S5

$179.95 $139.95
(You save $40.00)

Product Description


Important Please read:

* The Mercury PSU Support Mount will not fit in the Mercury S5 Pedestal. The MAGNUM PSU Support Mount is needed (standard for right side and reverse for the left side).

* If two tone option is selected, please specify which parts of the case are to be painted with each color. It is okay to specify the parts for one color with the assumtion that the remainig parts are to be the other color.

* The Primer finish is a medium gray powder coat which is not cosmetic. It is meant to serve as a base coat for wet paint application (avoid using with water based paints). We will not guarantee color consistency, and some panels may appear with very small black spots. The Primer finish is not paint ready and must be prepped prior to painting. For more information please see this web series:

DazMode Paint Tutorial Episode 1     DazMode Paint Tutorial Episode 2     DazMode Paint Tutorial Episode 3

The MAC-458 Pedestal Assembly is the perfect add-on to your Mercury S5 case for more capacity. Mounting area for Casters on bottom. It can hold either 2 120.3 or 140.2 radiators, 8 HDDs, 16 SSDs, 16 2.5'' HDDs, water pumps and more.  Three Flex-Bays (5.25" Bays) are in the front providing a great place to mount a bay reservoir, fan controller, or ...? All mounts are sold separately in the case accessories section. The rear of the Pedestal is avalible with a solid rear, 120mm fan mount with a hex-mesh pattern or a dual PSU area with optional ventilated covers. Some assembly required.


  • Size: 19.03"L x 12.14"W x 7.72"H (483mm x 308mm x 196mm)
  • Max Radiator Size: 120.3
  • Radiators Supported: 2
  • Weight: 7 lbs

Product Reviews

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  1. almost perfect addition

    Posted by Duncan Lundegren on 30th May 2015

    As my title states this "pedestal" is almost perfect, Just a couple of things i would change would be:
    -the option to mount this on top
    -the ability to put the the bottom of the S5 on the bottom of the pedestal and vice versa so theres is a larger whole in the bottom, (the bottom of the support, the wall the HDD and SSD sit on would just need to moved over slight on the pedestal top to align the holes) Im not really all the sure how else to explain this.
    -To option to choose different bay cover options without have to purchase separately
    -A Caselabs case badge (just a OCD thing for me, i would prefer to log to be on the pedestal with it on the bottom and not on the bottom of the actual case)
    -a WIndowed front panel option, this would be assuming that most are getting the pedestal for radiators. Maybe this is more a less a personal thing because i would love a full window on the front of my S5.

    But nonetheless this is just a nicely made as any other Caselabs case. Most people can not justify the cost, but when it come to cases you get what you pay for.

    Only reason i gave 4 stars is lack of custom options


    Posted by Roy on 19th Nov 2013

    From the moment you receive the shipping box, you know quality is one of the main goals CaseLabs strives to achieve. The box alone is high quality double ply cardboard with fiber re-enforced tap. Once the box is open and the substantial packing material is removed, you will see that every piece (assembly required) is inserted and wrapped in heavy gauge plastic (bring a sharp knife or retractable razor blade).

    The quality of the sheet aluminum, bending, drilled and tapped holes, and the coatings are top notch. The pieces fit together flawlessly and result in a very robust case with an excellent strength to weight ratio. The window inserts are heavy gauge and are well protected during shipping. I also appreciate the quality of the switches (worth including in purchase), usb ports, and wiring (sleeved in black by the way).

    As for loading the S5 case up with goodies;

    • 1 X Alphacool NexXxos UT60 Full Copper 240mm rad (mounted up top)
    o I did this to leave open the top 5.25” bay for a Peripheral
    o I also did this to leave room for tall glass reservoir
    • 1 X Alphacool NexXxos ST30 Full Copper 240mm rad (mounted in front)
    o Leaves 5.25” bay open for a Peripheral
    o The 30mm rad left room more room so I could do push pull
    o A UT60 would fit here if I only did push configuration
    • 1 X XSPC Photon 270 Tube Glass Reservoir/Pump Combo (D5 vario)
    • 1 X SeaSonic Platinum-1000
    • 1 X ASUS Maximus VI GENE LGA 1150
    • 2 X GTX 780 ti
    • 2 X Intel SSD S3500 600GB
    I went with the 36mm top cover thus allowing me to do push/pull on the thick UT60. I also have room to do push pull on the ST30 rad in front while not butting up against my XSPC Photon reservoir. Being able to easy remove all the panels gives me plenty of way of stick my hands/arms into the case to mount water cooling equipment. I mounted the motherboard tray with the include thumb screws; this makes a breeze out of adding or removing the mounted motherboard.

    I also added the S5 pedestal. It is an excellent addition and of the same quality is the main S5 case. I added 2 X Alphacool NexXxos UT60 Full Copper 360mm rads in the S5 pedestal and I have room for push/pull configuration.

    You will not regret going with CaseLabs!

  3. Your Get what you pay for and the S5 Pedistal is worth every CENT

    Posted by Haydn Grosvenor on 20th Oct 2013
    Here's a build log link above spent 7 day from the time the package arrived till completion.
    I tried to fit a alpha cool dual D5 fitted ok but to me was a little noisy so removed it I fitted two UT60 alpha cool rads a 240 and a 360, doing this gives you some room to add a few things in the drive bay front if you ever wanted to also helps with your cooling loops I fitted a couple of bulk head fittings in the floor of the S5( Square plate with 4 Screws) also one in the bottom for a drain once id plumed the pedestal
    I just lowered the S5 case on top and screwed the four screws in looks nice and tidy
    I received a really great deal for freight from Case Labs fed express took around 7 days from USA to Australia delivered it to my door in perfect order Case Labs packaging was superb
    It took me more time to fold up the packaging for recycling than assembling the the pedestal and case
    I would recommend when assembling, screw the screws in loosely once you have let say two pieces screwed together tighten them after all the screws are in every thing fits perfectly
    I will be buying an other Case labs case 2014 great case great company to deal with

  4. Your Get what you pay for and the S5 is worth every CENT

    Posted by Haydn Grosvenor on 20th Oct 2013

    I purchased two Mercury Cases a S5 with Pedestal My parcel arrived 7 days ago( took a weeks holiday to put it together) and I'm now write this via my Mercury S5 I has been a absolute Dream to build in. It traveled via Fed Express from USA to Melbourne Australia in around 7 Days at a very reasonable price of around $60 plus from memory Case labs has a great Deal going with Fed Express
    the packaging was very well done it took more time folding up the packaging for recycling than to assemble the S5 as it came flat packed I would say this when your assembling the case let say screwing to side together I recommend fitting all the screws loosely once you have them all in tighten them up every thing fits better that way my other build is a S3 "Chong" it also was very well packaged just the same as the S5 both were perfect when they came to be assmebled
    As Arnold Schwarzenegger said Quote " Ill Be Back" Probably for a new Case labs 2014 model
    Best Money Ive ever spent worth every cent best case I have ever built in

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