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Custom Powder Coating


Now introducing Custom Powder Coating Services!!

We are now offering a whole new level of customization with near limitless choices of custom powder coat colors. We will accept colors from a wide range of powder coat suppliers, but we highly recommend Prismatic Powders. They offer a vast amount of colors, tones and textures while being cost friendly and high quality.

How does it work?

Step 1. (choose your color)
Visit this link ( and choose from the following finish types: Casts, Metallics, Rivers, Solid Tone, Textures, Veins, and Wrinkles. Please keep in mind we do not offer powder coat finishes which require 2 or more coats of powder on the same part. These are referred to as top coats, and will be specified in the product description. We highly recommend ordering color swatches prior to custom color selection as Prismatic will supply up to 5 color swatches at no charge (shipments outside the USA may vary).

Step 2. (let us know your custom color and color scheme)
Once you have decided on a color please email us at with a screen shot of your complete order including accessories. Along with the screen shot please specify the custom color(s) along with a color scheme. We will allow up to 2 different colors to be used on a case, and it is okay to utilize one of our standard colors as the second color (using one of our standard colors will reduce the final cost). Please note we will not powder coat the same part two different colors. For example; The inside of a door panel black, and the outside of the same panel white.

Step 3. (We will provide you with a quote)
We will reply with a custom powder coating quote within 2 business days. Pricing ranges from about $140 - $440 per order. Payment will be entered by the customer here and then added to the shopping cart: Custom Powder Coating

1. Custom powder coated cases and accessories are non-refundable.
2. Due to varying conditions, powder coat finishes may appear slightly different from the finished product compared to the sample swatch from Prismatic.
3. If a customer is providing their own powder coat it must be in a factory sealed bag/box.
4. We will not shoot any top coats or clear coats. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse certain colors which may be problematic to shoot consistently.
5. An additional processing time of up to 2 weeks will apply.

1. We recommend ordering any accessories you may want in the future at the same time the case is powder coated. We will custom powder coat single accessory items at a later date, but it may be a costly option.
2. We recommend avoiding dark solid tone high gloss colors as they will make the press-in fasteners on the exterior panels look more noticeable through the finish.
3. Order samples from the powder coat supplier prior to placing your order with us.