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  • Merlin SM8 in Gunmetal
  • With Optional USB 3.0 PANEL
  • With Optional Ventilated Bay Covers
  • Cable Side Ventilated Door
  • Image 5
  • Image 6
  • Image 7
  • Image 8
  • Ventilated Motherboard Door
  • Optional XL Window
  • Solid Door
  • Bottom Chassis 120.4 Integrated Mount
  • Bottom Chassis 140.3 Integrated Mount
  • Top Chassis 120.4 Integrated Mount
  • Top Chassis 140.3 Integrated Mount
  • With Optional 120.4 Drop-In Mount
  • With Optional 140.3 Drop-In Mount
  • Color Options

Merlin SM8 Case - Customizable


Product Description

*** Case orders have been temporarily suspended while we deal with our current backlog. We hope to reopen them soon. Accessory items are available to order. *** 


Merlin SM8 Case Features:(click the links below for full desrciptions)



Technical Specs  
Flex-Bays (5.25 bays) 11
PCI Slots 8
Motherboard tray size (width x height) 10.75" x 12.5" (273mm x 318mm)
Native HDD Locations 2
Native SSD Locations 2
Total possible HDD locations with extra HDD cages (using additional mounts, purchased separately) 14
Total possible SSD locations with extra SSD mounts (using additional mounts, purchased separately) 30
PSU Mounting locations 2
Weight (Pounds) 20.5
Optional Front I/O Panel Yes
Compatible Motherboard Form Factors  
mITX Yes
mATX Yes
E-ATX (dual CPU) -

Exterior (width x depth x height)

(dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm))

11.18" x 22.38" x 22.44" (284mm x 568mm x 570mm)
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance above motherboard tray with standard height top cover 115mm
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance below the motherboard tray 115mm
Cooling Tower Clearance (air cooler) 180mm


Note: Exterior dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm)

** "E-ATX" motherboards such as the ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME will fit in this case. E-ATX motherboards such as the Supermicro H8DG6 will not fit in this case. Please cross reference the motherboard tray size with the motherboard dimensions from the manufacturer.




Case Features and Included Accessories  
All Aluminum construction Yes
Flex-Bay System Yes
Accessory mounting System Yes
Quick Release Exterior Yes
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mounts - Standard (MAC-125) 4 sets
Integrated Radiator Mounting (beyond 120.1/140.1) Yes (optional)
Drop-in Top Radiator Mounting Yes (optional)
Reversible Yes
Slide out motherboard tray with tech station conversion kit Yes
Anti-Vandal style power and reset switches with MDPC-X sleeved cables Yes
Included PSU support mount Yes
Compatible Radiator Sizes (may require additional mounts)  
120.1 - 120.2 (120 - 240) Yes
140.1 - 140.2 (140 - 280) Yes
120.3 (360) Yes
140.3 (420) Yes
120.4 (480) Yes
140.4 (560) -
120.9 (1080) -
140.9 (1260) -
180.3 (540) -
180.4 (720) -
Shipping Format: Domestic  
Flat Packed Yes
Fully Assembled -
Shipping Format: International                  
Flat Packed Yes
Fully Assembled -



Product Reviews

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  1. Fantastic all aluminum case

    Posted by Trausti Bergur Traustason on 3rd Jul 2017

    What a lovely product. I've never personally had the pleasure of owning a case of this quality before. I've alwasy been buying the mid range cases through my PC-building life and only used them for a few years and then upgraded to something else. Not today. This case will follow me for untold years.

    The quality of construction is amazing. How everything fit together seamlessly and machining is absolutely spot on. Every single part is made to go together and fits without issue. The aluminum is thick and sturdy making the case feel incredibly high end to the touch. Couldn't have asked for a better product.

    I ordered the case originally in March and it took almost three months to be delievered into my hands, but the wait was absolutely worth it. As previously mentioned in other reviews the EK Coolstream XE 480mm radiator does not fit at the top of the case. I made the mistake of ordering it before reading the reviews below, since then got a 360 XE instead along with a 420mm radiator from EK for the front.

    Kit in the case:
    EK Coolstream CE 420mm in front with flex-bay
    EK Coolstream XE 360mm at the top
    Singularity computers Pump and res combo
    EK 12/16mm acrylic
    EK black fittings

    Happy as can be. Great case and one of the better purchases I've made.

  2. Nice Case

    Posted by Bryan on 12th May 2017

    I quite enjoy the cases I purchased. My one complaint is the drop in radiator dimensions were not disclosed which left me with a 480 radiator that would not mount flush to the top mount.

    So anyone purchasing a Merlin using the EK-Coolstrem XE 480 be advised it does not fit the top drop in mounting bracket.

    [CaseLabs: Thank you for your review. The drop in mount does fit the vast majority of radiators. As you you noted, EK chose to make one longer than is what is typically seen. Unfortunately it's impossible to anticipate every design that may come to market. The radiator will fit with the fans on top.]

  3. Merlin SM8 Case - Customizable

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Oct 2016

    Product of excellent quality and workmanship.

  4. Surpasses all expectations

    Posted by Travis on 4th Sep 2016

    The case is beautiful, is a work of art. It is of the utmost quality all the way down to the way it is packaged. I don't want to write a long review, I'm tired. Just trust me, it's the best case you'll ever buy. If you're thinking about getting one, just do it.

  5. Well Crafted

    Posted by Brian Layton on 14th Feb 2016

    I have built many computers for myself, friends and for work. This case made the build not only easy but fun and enjoyable. Well put together, thought out and designed. Well worth the price of admission

  6. Simply Brilliant

    Posted by Mark on 27th Nov 2015

    Let me me start by stating that if there was a way to award more than five stars, I would. I've longed for a quality case like this for many years, and after helping a friend assemble his Merlin SMA8, I fell hard for this company's excellent work. Never did I imagine, or was I okay with, spending anywhere near the amount these cases cost, but after getting my hands on the aforementioned case I came to the conclusion that none other would do.

    The build quality is simply unsurpassed and second-to-none--it's amazing. The solid feeling and tight tolerances are wonderful, and always remind me as to why I changed my mind to spend this level of money on a case.

    The ease of use and customization of these cases is mind-altering. I sat for hours determining which, with varying options would actually fit my needs best, and while hours picking a case sounds absurd, I in fact found it enjoyable. There seems to be a configuration for nearly every requirement possible, and the fact that they're easy to assemble makes it all the better.

    In fact, due to my complete satisfaction and Case Labs' above-the-rest standards, I'm actually looking at purchasing an additional case (the Magnum TX10 perhaps?--but that's a level of absurdity that I'm excited to conquer!!) to serve as a homemade NAS.

    Overall, I've experienced complete satisfaction with my decision to go with this case. There were zero let-downs, and their customer service for a few clarification questions was impeccable.

    •Case Color: Black
    •Orientation: Standard
    •MB Door Style: Solid
    •Cable Side Door: Solid
    •Top Cover: Ventilated
    •Top Chassis Mount: Drop-in Style with 140.3 mount
    •Bottom Chassis Mount: Solid
    •Power and Reset Switch: Standard Power/Reset Switches with Sleeved Cables
    •I/O Panel: USB 3.0/HD Audio
    •Flex-Bay Covers: Ventilated

    PC Hardware Components:
    •MSI LGA 2011-3 Intel ATX Motherboard (X99A SLI PLUS)
    •Intel i7 5820K 3.3GHz Six-Core LGA 2011-3 Haswell-E Processor (BX80648I75820K)
    •Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 2666MHz Quad-Channel 240-Pin RAM (CMK32GX4M4A2666C15)
    •Samsung 500GB M.2 80mm SSD (MZHPV512HDGL-00000)
    •ASUS GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 128-bit GPU (STRIX-GTX960-DC2OC-4GD5)
    •Corsair HX850i 850W ATX12V Gold-Certified Fully-Modular PSU (CP-9020073-NA)
    •NZXT Kraken X61 All-in-One Liquid Cooling System (RL-KRX61-01)
    •Corsair Quiet Edition AF140 140mm 3-Pin Fan (x3) (CO-9050009-WW)
    •Corsair Quiet Edition AF120 120mm 3-Pin Fan (x1) (CO-9050001-WW)

    •Samsung 34" Curved LED Monitor (S34E790C)
    •Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit (920-002416)
    •CyberPower Sinewave 1500VA 900W UPS (CP1500PFCLCD)
    •Aorus Extended Mouse Pad
    •Western Digital My Passport 3TB USB 3.0 external hard drive (WDBBKD0030BBK-NESN)
    •Logitech C920 USB 2.0/3.0 Pro webcam (960-000764)
    •Transcend USB 3.0 Card Reader (TS-RDF5W)
    •PNY Turbo 256GB USB 3.0 Gig Stick (P-FD256TBOP-GE)

  7. Awesome

    Posted by Fahad AL-Dosary on 25th Nov 2015

    Very Excellent product, It was very Expensive for me but it is really worth the investment, the only Con i have is the installation manual i hope it was colored and more detailed step especially for non English speakers.
    I had difficulty to install Motherboard tray but i sort it out.

  8. Simply a work of art.

    Posted by Nick Cole on 25th Aug 2015

    As a Machinist of 20 plus years, it's obvious the engineering and craftsmanship that is applied to these cases. Tight joints, flawless cosmetic detailing and the powder coat is one of the best I've seen.
    Started the X99 build last weekend and hope to post some pics when complete.
    Little long on the lead time but I understand over booked production and can sympathize.

    Great job guys!!!
    It's been worth the wait.

  9. Absolutely Brilliant

    Posted by Eric on 24th Jul 2015

    After waiting about two to three months for my case to FINALLY arrive, I was quite impressed with the case overall. However, there are some issues I feel that really do need to be addressed. For buying a customized case on the market two to three months waiting time can be debatable not only to mention the fact I received an email saying it was delayed another two weeks because of orders. I'm not sure how big of a company CaseLabs is but my personal advice for the drastically large waiting time is to have another area for coating and adding paint considdering this. I also feel that this could even help sell more of these amazing cases if this idea would help move orders at a higher/faster pace due to the "breathing and production room" I really do believe that waiting that much time is just flat out ridiculous. This is not to say that I am not pleased with the case, I will get to it's amazing qualities later. One other very very important issue for me was that my case's motherboard stand off holes were NOT drilled well enough and has a strange fit in the back and almost to the point where it is barely even fit-able properly. Keep in mind and note that CaseLabs did and does offer the option to return the case and or case parts that are defective. However after so much waiting time, I decided to just live with it for now. Maybe in the future if it's bothering me that much then I will continue from there but for now it's okay. Another issue I had was the retention clips on my cable sided door. The case arrived to me built luckily. After further preparations for my build, the door took a drastic amount of force to open. Infact, I literally had to use the end of a hammer and a cloth in hopes of not damaging it during opening the door. These clips were not calibrated or configured to an acceptable tension at all. Even with a hammer and cloth, this took a drastic amount of force just to open. My door actually has a noticeable bend because of trying to open it. This issue needs a look at and a good fix. I can see that this would be a factory issue as not all of the clips can be pushed out properly or the fact that it can be left up to the user, but please keep this incident in mind. And last but not least the native storage mounting. This however can be debatable for some users. Mounting and placing my SSD in the case was actually not bad at all, infact I did not have any issues here so good work. However, the hard drive mounting was another story. In my opinion, not very good design and personally I know CaseLabs can do so much better than this. When I mounted my SSD everything went smooth. The hard drive though was just flat out annoying considering the spacing. Cosmetically, these storage options top and bottom mount are great looking. But after getting into it, it became alot of work. The SSDs felt secure in the position they were in, the hard drives however in order to make sure they had the same feel as the SSDs, I ended up taking apart the entire case just for the secure feel. They did include anti vibration mounts, but in order to get the real feel of being secure the mounting access is not something I would approve of and I ask CaseLabs to design something a bit more friendly please. After having this much time you would figure this would be absolutely over powering and even something you could barely dream of, for this I am actually a bit disappointed because of these specified issues. Now for the fun and absolutely perfect grade A+ and infinite more positive comments/opinions! Where do I even begin with something so magnificent?! This case's ability to be so modular is outstanding! This is extremely modder friendly! This case comes apart in all of the right areas so if modders mess up either drilling a hole or just flat out mess up to a point where it's an eye sore, you can easily replace that component without any worries! This also means that you can take individual parts of the case to work on more easily. Something most general case manufacturers miss out on and you would generally have to end up being insanely careful or even having to buy an entire new case. Next up, the paint/coating job. Excellent choice for me was white, although I did have the original idea for going with black, but I can only review my color as that's what my case came with. Extremely satisfying that this finish/coating/work is not a fingerprint magnet even in white! I'm so happy that it's not some kind of plastic gloss weak garbage. This thing reminds me of a fortress a bit because of how... how... honestly I'm running out of words to compliment this kind of work! This isn't some kind of wiggling loose paper structure either. The extra mile/effort for the amount screw holes in the right places to make it that much more sturdy is VERY noticeable and very impressive as well as satisfying to know that this type of work is serious business and should be treated with massive compliments and respect. The list goes on and on even more, the idea to be able to take out the motherboard as a temporary test bench or just to have a look or whatever the user needs to do is good work for those types of people out there. What makes this even better for these types of people is that this method is also very friendly as well. The four screws to secure and release the motherboard tray are spring loaded so you will never have to worry about having those times where you just drop something small then have to find it in the carpet for the next hour. They even go into those small little pieces of detail like that to make the user feel and remember what they bought. It's not every often you can see these kinds of brilliant features all in one place. Very well done in this spot. Oh wait there's even more, for those that want to have a reverse build, it has that too. Not exactly the easiest thing to change, but then again, I don't know very many people at all that do reverse builds where the build is in a "left handed" or "upside down" structure. It's good to know that they offer this for those that need it. Onto Cable management holes, I really don't know what to say. Even if you are filling your system up to the absolute top, these holes are the perfect routes in the right places and everything fits perfectly. Onto front bay, something is just itching to tell me that they can do better with cosmetics and design, but it is outstanding as it is. Probably should have the option to choose whether people want a reset switch or not at the front. But the hard drive activity light fits well here so maybe just have the option to just have the light instead? Either way no big deal. One major thing that I do love about the front idea and design is that it's not just a littering of optical bays. This is also by far one of the most exciting features for me and what else this ties into and is explained later. They were able to successfully get rid of permanent optical bay structure and still provide the solid case structure feel. Most cases usually have the optical bays for structure because the front is just too weak with design. Not to mention these types of things always get in the way of a build especially liquid cooling. CaseLabs was able to conquer this issue entirely and I give them much satisfaction feedback because of this. This absolutely brilliant and ties in with the modular ability well making it even more impressive than it already is. Top of the case, not much to say here. I chose a completely solid top and I have the option to mod that piece later if I want to through in exhaust of cooling of some sort. Thank you for offering this as an option. Same goes for the bottom of the case. On the topic of the bottom of the case however though, I would like to see better options for case feet. If people are to have their power supplies as bottom intake, these feet should be improved quite a bit. And the final panels, the doors. I have seen a bit of hatred towards the door mechanisms, but for me? Honestly being able to take off the door anytime you want the right way, and the fact that it's not some bad panel that just slides in with bad locking screws to make sure it's tight with clamping that you would see on other cases. I love the doors because of the hinges design. When you need to really get into working without taking the case or even the full project apart, you can take the door/doors off easily. Closing the doors was very easy too and not a fuss like other cases that don't have the door like idea. I'm very happy they chose this type of design. On the note of the doors however though, I would be very interested in seeing some kind of other solution than a plastic grip. I'm actually a bit shocked this hasn't been looked at itself and I know there's better solutions out there. Maybe just give it a bit more satisfaction and easier mechanism. And a few notes for the case. This thing is the size of a mini fridge haha, some people say that's good some people say that's bad. It's just noteworthy for buyers. Keep in mind that this was larger than I was expecting, CaseLabs also offers different cases to meet your expectations regardless of the matter even if this isn't your type to work with. For me this case is a bit large for me and if I need to get a different size case in the future I will be choosing something smaller. But I do love how friendly this case is to work with, this probably due to how much space there is. Quite simply overall, I am very glad that I chose CaseLabs. For all of these positive reasons, if I ever need to buy a case again, I'm going with CaseLabs.

    [CaseLabs: Thank you for your review Eric. If you are experiencing any difficulty with any parts in the case, please contact our customer service at and they will make certain it is corrected.]

  10. Best Case Purchase..Ever

    Posted by Warren on 12th Jul 2015

    I'd done the research and knew what CaseLabs had to offer but it didn't prepare me for the quality of their workmanship until I opened that box. Even the packing itself must have taken a long time. Case is now built and I'll recommend them to anyone tired of the usual quality us enthusiasts have to put up with.

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