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  • The Mercury S8
  • Form Factors
  • Stealth HDD/SSD Mount (2 HDD or 4 SSDs)
  • Top Chassis Mounts
  • Top Covers
  • Doors (left side)
  • Doors (right)
  •  Flex-Bay Configurations
  • Front Covers
  • I/O Panel
  • Lower Left Chamber Options
  • Rear
  • Included Mounting Plate
  • Mercury S8 and Pedestal
  • Colors
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone black exterior and gunmetal interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone black exterior and white interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone black exterior and red interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone gunmetal exterior and black interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone gunmetal exterior and white interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone gunmetal exterior and red interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone white exterior (only available during limited runs) and black interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone white exterior (only available during limited runs) and gunmetal interior
  • Mercury S3 used for reference. Two tone white exterior (only available during limited runs) and red interior

Mercury S8 - Customizable

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Product Description


Flex-bay Configuration: Solid Bay Covers

Mercury S8 Case Features: (click the links below for full desrciptions)


Technical Specs  
Base Price (US Dollars) $469.95
Flex-Bays (5.25 bays) 9
PCI Slots 8
Motherboard tray size (width x height) ATX: 9.44" x 13" (240mm x 330mm)               SSI-EEB: 12.81" x 13" (325mm x 330mm)
Native HDD Locations 0-6 (stealth mount: 0-2)
Native SSD Locations stealth mount: 0-4
Total possible HDD locations with extra HDD cages (using additional mounts, purchased separately) 26
Total possible SSD locations with extra SSD mounts (using additional mounts, purchased separately) 52
PSU Mounting locations 1
Weight (Pounds) 18
Optional Front I/O Panel Yes
Compatible Motherboard Form Factors  
mITX Yes
mATX Yes
E-ATX (dual CPU) SSI-EEB option: Yes
SSI-CEB SSI-EEB option: Yes
SSI-EEB SSI-EEB option: Yes

Exterior (width x depth x height)

(dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm))

14.54" x 19.03" x 18.74" (369mm x 483mm x 476mm)
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance above motherboard tray with standard height top cover 115mm
Cooling Tower Clearance (air cooler) 260mm

Note: Exterior dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm)

Note: The S8 uses a special radiator mount in the HDD drive bay. Please see MAC-511


 ** "E-ATX" motherboards such as the ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME will fit in this case with the ATX option. E-ATX motherboards such as the Supermicro H8DG6 will not fit in this case unless the SSI-EEB option is selected. Please cross reference the motherboard tray size with the motherboard dimensions from the manufacturer.




Case Features and Included Accessories  
All Aluminum construction Yes
Flex-Bay System Yes
Accessory mounting System Yes
Quick Release Exterior Yes
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mounts - Standard (MAC-125) 2 Sets
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mounts - Short Adjustable (MAC-213) 1 set
Integrated Radiator Mounting (beyond 120.1/140.1) Yes
Drop-in Top Radiator Mounting Yes (optional)
Drop-in Side Radiator Mounting Yes (optional)
Anti-Vandal style power and reset switches with MDPC-X sleeved cables Yes
Compatible Radiator Sizes (may require additional mounts)  
120.1 - 120.2 (120 - 240) Yes
140.1 - 140.2 (140 - 280) Yes
120.3 (360) Yes
140.3 (420) -
120.4 (480) -
140.4 (560) -
120.9 (1080) -
140.9 (1260) -
180.3 (540) -
180.4 (720) -
Shipping Format: Domestic  
Flat Packed Yes
Fully Assembled -
Shipping Format: International                  
Flat Packed Yes
Fully Assembled -

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CaseLabs S8 Video Review

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  1. nice case, no note about missing psu support mount

    Posted by Lars Sauermann on 10th Sep 2016

    The Case is very good. The Quality is outstanding.

    BUT WHY! is there no note about the PSU SUPPORT MOUNT!! that is needed for modern PSUs and is not included?

    Now i have to wait about 5-6 weeks for this... And can't use the case, because my PSU can't fit into the case...

    This is a bad service!

    [CaseLabs: We apologize for the delay and are in the process of expanding our facility to double production. Lead times are less than 5-6 weeks however. In any event, the PSU support is not required and should not preclude you from starting your build. Thank you.]

  2. Excellent for customization

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2016

    Easy to customize for watercooling tower behind front window. Plenty of drillable attach points for structure to hold tower. Held at top and bottom so it appears in the window without structure obscuring view into case. Top water return bubbles slightly so I can tell its running. Very compact case (especially the depth) that will sit on the desk away from dust and other floor hazards with case front even with my monitors. Assembled easily, no misaligned screw holes. Good looking unobtrusive austere exterior. Pop off panels really make access easy. Now that it is working, will measure cabling and get custom lengths to provide better cable dressing. Good job CaseLabs.

  3. Spacious!

    Posted by Charles Ball on 19th Aug 2016

    Excellent case, lots of room to work in

  4. End-game

    Posted by Jordan C on 10th Jul 2016

    I wouldn't be posting this if I weren't a PC hardware enthusiast., given the location of this review.

    So, I'll start this off in a different way. I like headphones. I spent years buying different models and comparing them, all underneath the price tag of $150 or so. Until I saved up and finally said, "Hey, this ends now. I'm dropping $600 on the HD 650 with a good DAC and amp and I'm done." That was it. Three years later and I have no impulse for any other headphone setup. Endgame achieved.

    Meanwhile, for even longer, I've been a case junkie. In the past 3 years I've used 4 cases for my desktop. I've built entirely new mITX systems just because I was excited about a new case and to see what I could do with it.

    All of these things brought slight changes in functionality, along with the driving force of some new paintjob or plastic shell for aesthetics... Friends telling me I'm nuts for having such a passion for cases. I mean, really. Computex for me has always been primarily for new case news.

    But, then I finally did it. After flirting with the customization options of the Mercury series for close to two years, I finally did it again... and clicked order. And that's it. Now I know I have my endgame chassis. The quality is impeccable. This is a tank, and once you have your system built and running, you will (I guarantee) constantly find yourself knocking on it and then running your hand across it for the first week that you have it.

  5. Flawless Case

    Posted by Gadiel Santiago on 4th Jul 2016

    This is in my opinion the best case to put a EATX motherboard horizontally so the pci slots don't get damaged when a graphics card pulls them in the vertical position. It has tons of options for any idea you can have, the only thing I wished it come with was a acrylic where the expansion bays are but it's ok I will create a custom one. Like all cases from caselabs you have tons of options and can customize it to your needs or the customer needs if you are building for someone. It can get expensive but you get what you pay for, a top of the line product that can't be found anywhere else and best of all made in US!

  6. Definitely the best case I've purchased

    Posted by nuojin li on 5th Jun 2016

    Easily assemble, full customized, and even the small parts they do well for u ( I mean the clearly marks for screws in different pockets.) Also, Since more guys did write the reviews for it, I won't do it as much.
    Just give a hint: look carefully and feel free to ask questions when customize the case, then after a couple weeks best case is ur.

  7. Rock Solid Case

    Posted by John Bartish on 20th May 2016

    Both case assembly and component installations were extremely easy to do. I was surprised at how thick the aluminum was. Other brands are flimsy by comparison. Excellent paint job too. I thought I accidently scratched the case during assembly but as it turns out my concern was unfounded.

    I like the separate motherboard tray because it allowed me to install the cpu, heatsink, memory and assorted motherboard cables with the tray outside the case. In addition, with the motherboard tray removed it is very easy to install other components such as case fans, fan controller, and an I/O panel.

    There was only one very minor issue. The case does not come with a power supply mounting bracket. When the psu is attached to the rear panel the bottom of the psu does not rest on the bottom case panel. There is a bit of open space between the psu and the bottom case panel. Although the thick aluminum panels are strong enough to support a psu I decided to purchase a psu mounting bracket from the CaseLabs store.

    Overall the Mercury S8 is an excellent case. I purchased my first pc in December 1984 and have been upgrading, building, and case modding ever since. I can honestly say this is the last case I will ever buy.

  8. Best Case I ever bought !

    Posted by Rober H. on 4th May 2016

    Hands-down one of the finest computer cases ever built . Took a little longer to receive but well worth the wait could not be happier . The paint job was flawless everything arrived as described . Assembly was very easy and very strong construction great job . Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a serious high-grade case .

    MSI Godlike Carbon Motherboard
    MSI gtx 980ti lightning
    G-Skill Trident Z 32gb ddr4 3200
    i7 5930k
    Samsung 950 pro m.2 ,512gb ssd OS
    Samsung 850 pro 2tb x2 Storage
    Corsair AX1200i power supply
    Noctua NF-A15 cpu cooler
    Noctua case fans

  9. Flawless!

    Posted by MartyG on 1st May 2016

    As advised by CaseLabs (KC), my Mercury S8 arrived slightly beyond the advertised delivery time frame in an extra heavy duty cardboard box. Each sub assembly was wrapped in a heavy duty plastic bag. I checked each piece like it was a newborn. The "Gunmetal" finish on each was perfection and the assembly process revealed the fit was as good as the finish.
    If you're looking for the best custom, USA made case for your next build look no further than CaseLabs.

  10. Sorry but Pleased

    Posted by Patrick Lawson on 5th Feb 2016

    I am, in way sorry that it is done but I am pleased with the result. If I could think of half of an excuse I would buy another Caselabs case just to do it again. My case is the one in the gallery under DominoBlu if you want to see some scruffy photos.
    I cannot really add a whole lot to what others have said before me so I will keep this brief. The quality of the product is excellent. A lot of thinking has gone into its design. My problem was I was spoiled by choice when I say how many different approaches I could take to install my two separate loops. Customer service was also exemplary. En route to Scotland the shipping company managed to damage a couple of the major parts of my S8 and Pedestal. They were replaced ASAP without quibble. I can heartily recommend this company and their products.

    Asus X99 Deluxe 32 Gig Corsair Dominator RAM
    2 X Geforce 780 1000 W Leadex Super Flower PSU
    Silverstone Fans Monsoon Premium fittings / tubing
    Aquacomputer Aquaero 5, 2x Aqualis Reservoirs
    2x Aquastream pumps , 2x MPS flow meters
    farbwerk ( LED controller)
    Hardware Labs Radiators

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