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  • Image 1
  • TX10-D Rear View of Dual Motherboard Trays and Quad PSU Mount
  • Ventilated Door (Left Shown)
  • Solid Door (Left Shown)
  • XL Window Door (Left Shown)
  • XXL Window Door (Left Shown)
  • Reverse Option
  • Bottom Chamber with Optional 480 Mount (MAC-192)
  • PCI Backplate  -   Hex-Mesh (left)   Fan Hole (right)
  • Color Options


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Product Description

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The TX10 - The largest production computer case in the world! The ultimate case for "Show Stopper" builds!!

When selecting a two tone color scheme;

In the order comments please specify which parts of the case are to be which color. 


Doors: black                         Flex-Bay covers: white        PCI covers: black

Chassis: white                       Front cover: black              Switch plate: white

Motherboard tray: white         Top cover: black


Standard Features/Equipment TX10-D (Dual Vertical MB):

  •  All aluminum construction - .090" (2.3mm) chassis .063"(1.6mm) doors/covers
  •  Two Slide out MB trays with Tech Station Kits
  •  One Flex-Bay HDD cage assembly (4 drive capacity)
  • Six solid single bay filler plates and nine solid triple bay cover plates.
  • Filler plates for PCI slots, and three PSU openings. Four sets of mounting brackets for 5.25” devices (MAC-125)
  • Anti-vandal style switches (power & reset) and 30" fully sleeved wiring harnesses: blue ring for power and red dot for HDD activity.
  • 4 PSU mounting locations
  • Four rubber feet with screws
  • HD Casters (100 lbs each)
  • Misc. hardware: Thumbscrews, MB standoffs, Tie-wraps, etc.
  • Available in Black Matte, White Matte, Gunmetal and Gray Primer (gray primer is not a cosmetic finish)


  • Size: 20.63"W x 36.25"H x 30.38"D (524mm x 921mm x 772mm)*
  • 19" Rack Space: 8U (9U on TX10-V)
  • PCI Slots: 10
  • Form Factor: mATX, ATX, SSI-CEB, EATX, SSI.EEB, XL-ATX, HPTX  MB tray dimensions: 13.60" x 15.00” (346mm x 381mm)
  • Max Radiator Size: 140.9 (with available Super Mount - Radiator mounts purchased separately)
  • Cooling Tower Clearance: 180mm
  • Flex-Bays (5.25” Bays): 36
  • HDD Capacity: 48 (using Flex-Bay Mounts - other mounts will be available)
  • Weight: 70 lbs.

XL Window: 14.75"(375mm) x 14.75"(375mm) x .12"(3mm)
XXL Window: 22.75"(578mm) x 14.75"(375mm) x .19"(5mm)

* Note: Sizes shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75" (19mm) to height, standard casters add 3.00" (76mm), SD casters add 3.94" (100mm)

150mm Extended top cover adds 5.25" (146mm) to the overall height.



Product Reviews

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  1. The Best for Two in One with Space

    Posted by Eucratic on 3rd Jun 2014

    This is the best PC case I could find for two PCs in one case. The design is well thought out. The aluminum materials are sturdy but light. The options do not disappoint.

    The packaging was careful and designed. I am grateful that the box was not marked with CaseLabs branding. They send the pieces in heavy gauge plastic bags (3 or 4 MIL) with sheets of cardboard, Styrofoam peanuts, and etc. for further protection. There were no empty spaces.

    However, some pieces were damaged, as can be expected with so many pieces. One of the fan guards was a little crushed, which didn't cause a problem (though I can't fix it) because I could just toss it aside. The problem, which I solved, came with the motherboard dividers. The small fork ends were bent at the end, beyond the reach of the chassis back countersink screws. A rag and a pair of pliers fixed that.

    The instructions were not ideal. I'm visual...the pictures weren't big (or clear) enough to identify unfamiliar pieces. As a result, I got the chassis top and bottom mixed with the pedestal top and bottom, which I had to redo.

    Furthermore, the instructions should be edited, to advise attaching the motherboard dividers to the front and back of the chassis first, rather than attach the front of the chassis to the top and bottom. I had to undue the top and bottom to align the holes of the front and back to the holes of the motherboard dividers.

    There was an inch long crack in the corner of one of the doors, but that rag and pliers rendered it barely noticeable.

    This product is definitely for the mechanically inclined (don't over-tighten the screws!), and I love it.

    It wouldn't be mine without the flaws ;-)

    [CaseLabs: While we're glad you were able to resolve most of your shipping issues, please don't hesitate to contact us if any of the parts don't meet your expectations - thank you!]

  2. Highest quality ever!

    Posted by Mike on 30th Nov 2013

    Very impressed with the Caselabs TX10-D + pedestal. The craftsmanship is absolutely perfect, not a single screw hole mis-aligned. The powdercoat paint job was flawless. Instructions to build easy to read. Customer service was above and beyond any other manufacturer I've dealt with to date.

    The shear amount of flexibility in mounting options / locations for basically any part you can think of, is astounding.

    Only regret with this purchase... not buying sooner!!!
    Absolutely looking forward to further business with Caselabs

  3. What I wanted

    Posted by John Krawiec on 23rd Oct 2013

    My TX10 arrived on Monday. I was rehearsing in my mind on how I was going to refuse delivery of the case. I was worried when I found out the weight of one of the packages was 110 lbs. I worried needlessly. I am quite pleased with the way Caselabs packaged the case. My case has a pedestal along with a 150mm top. The entire case is matte white. I am looking foward to putting this case together. I am awaiting for two caselabs parts to arrive. A 480 flex-bay radiator and a 180*4 super mount that I am going to try an attach to a MO-Ray 360*3 radiator

  4. The D stands for "DY-NO-MITE!"

    Posted by OCN-Mongol on 16th Jul 2013

    What can I say that hasn't been said already. If you're looking for perfection, you've come to the right place...and if you're looking for a monolithic colossus that will stop people in their tracks, as their jaws hit the floor in awe of a spectacle like no other, then this is the case for you. There's enough room in the TX10-D to house the entire populace of the land of Smurfs AND the Keebler Elf tree. And if you add the pedestal and top extension, you can throw in the Shire and all of the nasty little hobbitses. I jest, surely, but I am absolutely smitten with this case, and will be ordering my rad mounts, additional side panels as well as other odds and ends to build a system that rivals Arrakis and the armies of Paul Muad'Dib. :D

  5. awsome

    Posted by Brooke on 20th Apr 2013

    4x1500w evga supernova psu's 2x super micro H8QGL-6F motherboard with 8x amd 6386 SE 16core CPUs 1tb of ram 6 ati 7990s 2x 6x Seagate Pulsar 2 800GB ssds raid 0 22x delta fans the case was actually one of the cheapest parts of my build lots and lots and lots of room this case made my dreams come true and my folding@home scrores are higher then ever this case is just insane i recommend it to everyone well worth the price probably end of buying another for my next gaming rig and i fit inside it also :D

  6. Decent

    Posted by T on 28th Feb 2013

    Well sized, lots of options. Costly, but single handedly the biggest case on the market. You can only get bigger by stacking one of these on top of itself... I need to stop spending money.

    Also, re: the first review ... I am very satisfactory as well.

  7. plenty room to grow

    Posted by Dr DB Karron on 16th Feb 2013

    lots of headroom, plenty screws. My server was turning into a pile of parts. Now it be mounted in one case.

  8. The computer case will never be the same again.

    Posted by nick on 24th Jan 2013

    This company sets new standards in the computer enthusiast world.

    Packaging is done with care.

    The possibilities are endless with this case!

    Plus, it is made in the USA. *SOLD*

  9. Excellent´╝ü

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2012

    Wonderful I am very satisfactory.

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