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  • Solid Flex-Bay Covers
  • Ventilated Flex-Bay Covers
  • 120.2 (240) Mount with Solid Flex-Bay Covers
  • 120.2 (240) Mount with Ventilated Flex-Bay Covers
  • 140.2 (280) Mount with Solid Flex-Bay Covers
  • 140.2 (280) Mount with Ventilated Flex-Bay Covers
  • 120.3 (360) Mount with Solid Flex-Bay Covers
  • 120.3 (360) Mount with Ventilated Flex-Bay Covers
  • 140.3 (420) Mount with Solid Flex-Bay Covers
  • 140.3 (420) Mount with Ventilated Flex-Bay Covers
  • 120.4 (480) Mount with Solid Flex-Bay Covers
  • 120.4 (480) Mount with Ventilated Flex-Bay Covers
  • PSU Side of case with 4 Flex-Bay HDD cages installed.
  • Motherboard side of case with 4 Flex-Bay HDD cages installed.

MAGNUM THW10 - Customizable


Product Description

*** Case orders have been temporarily suspended while we deal with our current backlog. We hope to reopen them soon. Accessory items are available to order. *** 

Important notes about the MAGNUM THW10:

* This case will arrive flat-packed (unassembled).

* One Flex-Bay HDD cage is included. Each of the Flex-Bay HDD Cages use 3 Bays. Please plan accordingly when selecting the Flex-Bay configuration with the number of Flex-Bay drive cages selected.

* There are a total of 4 top/bottom radiator mounting positions (2 mounting points at the top and 2 mounting points at the bottom). 2 mounts are included and 2 blank covers are included for the unused mounting areas. Extra mounts are available if desired, and they are universal for the top and bottom of the case.

All Aluminum Construction
The Flex-Bay System
The Accessory Mounting System
Drop-in Top and Bottom Radiator Mounting (2 mounts included)
Included Single Reservoir Mount
Dual Chamber Construction
Reversible (with replacement rear chassis section)
Included PSU Support Mount
Quick Release Exterior
Anti-Vandal Switches with Black Sleeved Cables
Removable Motherboard Tray and Mini Tech Station



Technical Specs  
Base Price (US Dollars)


Flex-Bays (5.25 bays)  26 (13 x 2)
PCI Slots  10
Motherboard tray size (width x height)  XL-ATX: 10.63” x 13.69" (270 x 348mm)     HPTX: 15.13" x 13.69" (384mm x 348mm)
Native HDD Locations with included Flex-Bay HDD cage
Native SSD Locations with included SSD/2.5" HDD adapter
Total possible HDD locations with extra HDD cages (using additional mounts, purchased separately)  32
Total possible SSD locations with extra SSD mounts (using additional mounts, purchased separately)  64
PSU Mounting locations  2
Weight (Pounds)  33
Optional Front I/O Panel
Compatible Motherboard Form Factors  
mATX  Yes
ATX  Yes
E-ATX  Yes
E-ATX (dual CPU)  HPTX option: Yes
HPTX  HPTX option: Yes
SSI-EEB  HPTX option: Yes

Exterior (width x depth x height)

(dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm))

17" x 26" x 25" (432mm x 662mm x 637mm)
Motherboard chamber dimensions (width x depth x height) 7.75" x 25.4" x 24.4" (197mm x 646mm x 621mm)
PSU chamber dimensions (width x depth x height) 7.75" x 25.4" x 24.4" (197mm x 646mm x 621mm)
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance above motherboard tray with standard height top cover 135mm
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance below the motherboard tray 135mm
Cooling Tower Clearance (air cooler) 180mm


Note: Exterior dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm)

 ** "E-ATX" motherboards such as the ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME will fit in this case with the XL-ATX option. E-ATX motherboards such as the Supermicro H8DG6 will not fit in this case with the XL-ATX option. Please cross reference the motherboard tray size with the motherboard dimensions from the manufacturer.





Case Features and Included Accessories  
All Aluminum construction  Yes
Flex-Bay System  Yes
Accessory mounting System  Yes
Quick Release Exterior  Yes
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mounts - Standard (MAC-125)  4 sets

Flex-Bay HDD cage

 1 (hold 4 HDDs or up to 8 SSDs with mounting kits)
SSD/2.5" HDD Mounting Kit  1 (holds 2 SSDs or 2 2.5" HDDs)
PSU Support Mount  Yes
Drop-in Top and Bottom Raditor Mounting
 Yes (choice of 2 mounts, 120.4 and 140.4)
Side Radiator Mounting  Yes (optional)
Dual Chamber Design  Yes
Reversible  Yes (with replacement rear chassis section)
Slide out motherboard tray with tech station conversion kit  Yes
Anti-Vandal style power and reset switches with MDPC-X sleeved cables  Yes
Included Reservoir Mount Double Mount for XL-ATX and Single Mount for HPTX
Compatible Radiator Sizes
120.1 - 120.2 (120 - 240)  Yes
140.1 - 140.2 (140 - 280)  Yes
120.3 (360)  Yes
140.3 (420)  Yes
120.4 (480)  Yes
140.4 (560)  Yes
120.9 (1080) -
140.9 (1260) -
180.3 (540) -
180.4 (720) -
Shipping Format: Domestic  
Flat Packed Yes
Fully Assembled -
Shipping Format: International                  
Flat Packed Yes
Fully Assembled -



Product Reviews

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  1. I'm Done Buying Cases

    Posted by Jason Van Patten on 26th Mar 2017

    I'm done buying new cases for my future PC upgrades. This Magnum THW10 is likely going to outlast every upgrade I do to my primary gaming/editing rig. I don't expect to ever need another one (Sorry CaseLabs folks... ;-))

    This behemoth is perfect in almost every way. I'll point out some nits in a moment, but: lots of space. LOTS and LOTS of space. I have 2 480x60mm rads in a full push/pull config on the top two rad mounts, and a 560x60mm rad in full push/pull on one of the bottom rad mounts. With all of that cooling hardware mounted, I still have an immense amount of space internally.

    The motherboard mounting tray is just genius, and I'm not sure why I've never used something like that before. I love that every panel can be very easily popped off and right back on again to provide easy access to any part of the case's interior. I have the case's optional 3" casters to raise it up a bit more because of the bottom push/pull. They also make swiveling the case around to do work on it super-easy.

    I couldn't be happier with the design, layout, machining, build quality, etc of the case. However, there are some nits that I'll list out:
    1. I understand why the power supply mount is outboard towards the door panel: so its exhaust fan can make use of the vent in the door. However, for cable cleanliness sake, it would make far more sense to have the PS mounted further inboard towards the center of the case. The breeze from the PS' exhaust fan should still make use of the vents on the door. Having the PS so far outboard forces you to run power cables across the vast opening between the center support wall and where the PS is.

    2. The HDD cage is just a bad design from a mounting perspective. *IF* you mount the disks in the cage BEFORE you mount the cage in the case, you won't have any issues. But if you try to mount the disks in the cage while it's in place, you're going to struggle with that. Really, for the intense price of the CaseLabs hardware, having a modular, tool-less tray system for the HDD/SSD mounts isn't too much to ask.

    3. The floor of the case could use fan cable holes in it like the roof panel has. If you mount a rad on the bottom in push/pull, the bottom fan cables have no way of getting back into the case. You're left to crush the cables between the case and the radiator bracket; not very ideal. Instead, they could just mirror the holes on the top of the case.

    Aside from those nits, I'm completely in love with the case. And as I said earlier: sorry CaseLabs sales folks... I'm probably not going to *need* to ever buy another one. :-)

  2. Case Labs Most Extreme Case

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Sep 2016

    Waited a bit of time to get this case finally and it was well worth it. I cannot see changing cases again for a very long time as this ticked all my wishlist criteria and then some.

    Big thank you to the entire CL team!!

  3. Worth the wait!!

    Posted by Spirillum on 23rd Aug 2016

    I'll keep my review short and sweet. The build quality is exceptional and there really isn't an equal right now to rival CaseLabs.

    Thanks to KC and CaseLabs for all of your exceptional customer service!! My first CaseLabs case and I'd recommend in a heartbeat.

    This was the perfect case for me. Will it be for you?

  4. The Guys at CaseLabs are fantastic.

    Posted by Grant Radziwill on 14th Jun 2016

    KC and the guys at CaseLabs have been fantastic about the missing HDD Cage, they apologized that they had missed it and then bundled it up with a couple of extra items that I purchased and sent everything through in one package.
    I really can't fault the case or the service that CaseLabs provide.

  5. WOW

    Posted by Grant Radziwill on 21st May 2016

    G'day, I purchased a CaseLabs MAGNUM THW10 case for a new 'fairley extreme' water-cooled rig that I'm building.
    ASUS Mobo, 128Gb RAM, 2x TITAN X 12GB Superclocked,
    4x 2TB SSD (RAID 10), 4x 3TB HHD (RAID 10), 2x 560mm RADS, 2x 480mm RADS, 2x Pumps, 2x Res, 18x 140mm Fans and 10m Norprene 5/8 tubing.
    I haven't finished the build yet The case only arrived this week, (I will post photos when complete) but after doing a quick layout of components in the case; I was left wondering 'what I'm going to do with the other half of the space that is going to be left empty'. This case is HUGE, there is no other way to put it.
    I also have to say that the case construction is "The very best I have EVER seen!" but I've only been enthusiast PC building for 35 years :-). The construction materials and thicknesses were perfect for task, everything lined up where it was supposed to be, all screws threaded in smoothly without cross threading, there was ample parts for the job, screws, bolts, bits and pieces, and the finish throughout was 'OMG' amazing, (if I didn't live in a different country, I'd have to ask the CL guys who does their powder coating cause whoever they are; they need to come here and teach people in my country what powder coating really should be.
    One minor gripe is that I ordered an extra "Add extra Flex-Bay HDD Cages (MAC-102)?" via the drop down box and only one (the included one) turned up. $34 USD still waiting to see what the guys at CL do about it.
    Am I happy about my purchase - absolutely.
    Purchase of a CaseLabs case is the surest way to avoid buyer's remorse or purchase regret! For your hard earned coin, you get an amazing, fantastic, well designed , well constructed case that will do the job you bought it for and then have heaps of capacity to spare (for the next build - whenever that occurs).
    I can't wait to finish my current build because after buying my first CL case, I'm now thinking of getting another for a home server build and another for a new build for my wife's system and another for a media centre build.
    CaseLabs is the computer gear that you will be happy that you bought.

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