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  • Image 1
  • Ventilated MB Door
  • XXL window
  • Ventilated PSU Door
  • MB side
  • Image 6
  • XL-ATX Motherboard Tray
  • PSU side
  • PSU side with Standard HDD cage (MAC-101)
  • Image 10
  • Top Cover
  • Top View showing Integrated 480 Radiator Mounts
  • Bottom View showing Integrated 480 Radiator Mounts
  • Rear View
  • HDD Cage Options: MAC-102 Flex-Bay Mount (left) and MAC-101 Standard Mount (right)
  • PCI Backplate  -   Hex-Mesh (left)   Fan Hole (right)
  • Color Options (PLEASE NOTE the Gunmetal is a limited release color.)
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Product Description

Have a question? Just email us at cs@caselabs.net

**Important Please Read**

* For orders outside of the United States, please click here.

* If the two tone option is selected, please specify the color scheme in the order comments section at the end of the ordering process. The case can be powder coated in almost any color scheme, but each part can only be powder coated one color.

* The fan holes on the front of the PSU side are not spaced for a radiator. They are spaced farther apart to accommodate the HDD cages.

Case Features:

All Aluminum Construction
The Flex-Bay System
The Accessory Mounting System
Integrated Horizontal Radiator Mounting
Dual Chamber Construction
Quick Release Exterior
Anti-Vandal Switches with Black MDPC-X Sleeved Cables
Removable Motherboard Tray and Mini Tech Station


Form Factor  mATX, ATX, EATX, XL-ATX, SSI-CEB, SSI-EEB, and HPTX. MB tray dimensions: 13.60" x 15.00” (346mm x 381mm)
Expansion Slots  10
Number of Flex-Bays (5.25'' bays) 13
Native HDD Capacity  4 (32 maximum with added HDD cages)
Native SSD Capacity 0 (64 maximum with added HDD cages and SSD mounts) 
PSU Locations  2
Total Number of Native 120mm Fan Mounts  21
Total Number of Native 140mm Fan Mounts  0
Weight  31lb (14kg)
Maximum Radiator Size  120.4 (480)
Clearance Above the Motherboard Tray  6.8’’ (173mm)
Clearance Below the Motherboard Tray  3.5’’ (90mm)
Cooling Tower Clearance  7’’ (180mm)
Internal Dimensions of the Motherboard Side Chamber   Depth: 25.4’’ (646mm) / Height: 24.4’’ (621mm) / Width: 7.6’’ (194mm)  
Internal Dimensions of the PSU Side Chamber  Depth: 25.4’’ (646mm) / Height: 24.4’’ (621mm) / Width: 5.6’’ (143mm)  
 Overall Exterior Dimensions Depth: 26’’ (662mm) / Height: 25’’ (637mm) / Width: 15’’ (381mm)  

Note: Exterior dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm)


Standard and Optional Case Features and Accessories:

  Standard Features and Options

Optional upgrades

Case Color Black or Primer Gray           White, Dark Gray or Two Tone 
ATX Layout  Standard                        Reverse 
Form Factor XL-ATX or HPTX NA
Motherboard Side Door  Solid or Ventilated           XL Window or XXL Window (clear or gray acrylic)
PSU Side Door  Solid or Ventilated           XL Window or XXL Window (clear or gray acrylic)
Top Cover Standard Ventilated or Standard Solid 31mm Extended Ventilated, 85mm Extended Ventilated or 120mm Extended Ventilated 
Switch Assembly Anti-Vandal Power/Reset switches with black MDPC-X sleeved cables or no switch or cables (subtract $20.00) NA
I/O Panel         None            USB 3.0 and HD Audio or USB 2.0 HD audio/Firewire
PCI Back Plate Style 120mm hex-mesh or 120mm fan hole and 4 x 40mm fan holes (single cover plate included for 40mm fan holes) NA
HDD Cage Type   Standard style (MAC-101) or Flex-Bay (5.25’’ bay) style (MAC-102)              NA
Flex-Bay (5.25’’ bay) Configurations 

2 single bay, 1 double bay and 3 triple bay covers (solid) 

Note; Choosing the Flex-Bay HDD cage as the default drive cage will eliminate 1 triple bay cover. 

2 single bay, 1 double bay and 3 triple bay covers (ventilated) 

Note; Choosing the Flex-Bay HDD cage as the default drive cage will eliminate 1 triple bay cover. 

MISC Hardware  motherboard tray handle, rubber case feet, motherboard standoffs, HDD mounting hardware, exterior grommets and cable tie wraps, spare parts kit, mini tech station feet and 4 sets of Standard 5.25’’ Flex-Bay brackets (MAC-125), NA



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Product Reviews

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  1. Absolutely amazing!

    Posted by Michael Jakobsen on 8th Apr 2013

    I bought this case, because i wanted some more space for my hardware. And i got more than i can chew! My Rampage IV Extreme looks like a Micro-ATX board in there!

    The level of details is just, WAOW! Every single corner of this case is just perfect!

    The packaging of the case is just excellent! I live in Denmark, and when the case arrived.. Not a single dent, scratch or anything on the box it came in.. And of course, the case havent got any damage what so ever!

    - It could fit the entire world!
    - Quality is absolutely exceptional!
    - All Aluminum construction, and really sturdy!
    - Weight is low, compared to other cases in this size!
    - A ton of options to choose between!

    - The price

  2. Awe Inspiring

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Apr 2013

    This case I bought with one intention in mind, liquid cooling, and man is it overkill's big brother. The case, is roomy, plane, beautiful, and modular beyond belief. One thing that stuck out was the hard dive mounting system, never again will my hard dive move or vibrate, its simply genius. The other thing that stuck out above and beyond is the ease of working with the case, the mother board tray, the modular parts and design, the shier amount of space. Its an enthusiast dream, for when you must simply have the best, this is the only option.


    Posted by Amer Alkana on 30th Mar 2013

    I just have to say by FAR best case on the PLANET. No other manufacturer can combine size, utility, quality and elegance all in one package. I will definitely recommend this to any enthusiast I know. Keep up the good work and I wish you great success with your company.

  4. Are You kiding me, This Case is off the Hook !!!

    Posted by Witchdoctor on 16th Feb 2013

    CaseLabs TH10

    Flat out the best case I have ever had the pleasure to own. Makes other cases I thought highly of just seem flat out ordinary. The heaver than industry standard aluminum makes all the difference in the world. The modular design literally makes this case customizable for every owner, the bay system is so well thought out you can use no bay devises or as many as you can possible think of. The rad layout on the top and bottom of the case was thought through as well as instead of centering it they pushed it back just far enough that you can still use the top two bays for most fan controllers out there, more importantly the one I am using.... Connection of the fans and rad mounts in the 5.25 side as well as the PS side have a unique mounting system that has pins to line up everything and rubber grommets to provide silence with out investing into expensive fan vibration gaskets, the mounting system actually separates the entire assembly so to speak. I could tell you about this all day, but at the end of the day I have built in many cases that have been consider the top of the top. They are simply toys in comparison. So if you want the best enclosure money can buy bar none, and have enough money to buy one, there really is no competitor for the CaseLabs TH10 IMO. They are that good, and the expansion options are almost limitless

    TBH I was skeptical considering the cost, but I really do not think I will ever have to buy another case. In this respect I have come to think of this purchase as an investment.

    1. High quality fit and finish
    2. 100% Aluminum construction
    3. Insane amount of room
    4. Modular system makes every time you build in it a new experience
    5. Expandability with many options to choose from
    6. Great Service friendly and informative

    1. Price
    2. Short bay adapters not included, this case is built for water cooling it should be a forgone conclusion many will use fan devise, the lack of these on a case costing this much is an oversight that needs to be rectified

  5. worth importing to the uk :P

    Posted by Yaka on 12th Feb 2013

    after months of thinking about buying the th10 i final gave in and put an order in. i changed my order a few times in the process and caslabs were brilliant and understanding that with me importing it to the uk with the shipping cost and tax i had to get it right.

    worth pointing out that the fedex option is worth it it got to my door step in 3 days.

    as for the case it self its better than looking at the pics on ocn and here on case labs build quality is perfect its very easy to take aprt and put back. only trouble is i am gonna have to build my pc over 3 or 4 months but i am totaly happy

  6. Amazing Quality

    Posted by Wyza on 9th Feb 2013

    If you are dropping the kind of cash that this case requires, you'd expect quality and this thing does not let you down. The metal is quality and thick, the construction is solid and the finish is amazing. For something this big, you'd think there be some imperfections somewhere, but I haven't found any yet. You name it and this case and probably do it.

  7. World class

    Posted by Jeremy Hansford on 10th Dec 2012

    I felt confident I would be pleased with my choice when looking into purchasing a CaseLabs product. Living in the UK, the product was going to need to offer something special to justify the shipping and import costs, on top of what is already a significant investment for a computer case.. I was not wrong.. The Magnum TH10 is worth every penny/cent.. Beautifully built, well thought out, and very well finished off.. It is littered with features allowing the maximum flexibly and placement choice. Needless to say, I'm delighted with my purchase, and would strongly recommend anyone in the market for such a product choose CaseLabs.

  8. Yes, It's Worth it.

    Posted by Chaz on 8th Dec 2012

    I bought this case to save me time. I originally looked at other brands of water cooling cases. Every case I looked at had far too many issues in my opinion to justify their cost and my time modding a new case.
    So I set out to make my own. While searching for a mobo tray (one of the items I didn't feel like fabricating) I was lucky enough to come across another Case Labs customer's build. This case was was similar to what I had come up with. It's a great case and will suit most people well. I only wish, I had found this company sooner. Then I wouldn't have several old cases lying around.

    I know Case Labs can't anticipate or accommodate everyone. However, I still feel the following items should be considered for future models, options or addons.

    1. One anti vibration flex bay kit standard. (Almost ALL computers have one noisy CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive)

    2. Easily removable, washable dust filters. (The overpriced fixed mount silvrstone brand filters and others are not an option. The case has adequate room to accommodate such a system.)

    3. Convert the Power Switch or I/o panel to one or two 3.5 bays. Power switch could be converted to a 3.5 bay size and be used in 5.25 bay with an adapter or remain in it's current location.

    4.The Hdd cage has antivibration for Drives. yet a antivibration system for the fans is absent.

    [The HDD mounts have two sets of vibration dampeners, the ones on the drives themselves and also on the mount to cut fan vibration to the frame . Thanks -CaseLabs]

  9. An Amazing Case With Many Options

    Posted by Daniel on 4th Dec 2012

    The moment the case arrived i was in awe, not once had I encountered a case of such quality and with so many options available. You would be surprised by its weight and how easy it is to move with and without casters, and even though its light its very tough. It looks fantastic and I don't regret the purchase at all, and the build possibilities are endless. totally worth the money.

    I would like to thank Case Labs for the awesome sales team and for the case and I'm Going to recommend you to my friends.

    Thanks Guys.

  10. Great case but with a few shortfalls

    Posted by Griffin on 11th Nov 2012

    I love the case itself, it has more room than I could wish for and is well built from quality materials ontop of that. The pedestal goes great with it too, don't know where I would have been without that. Everything was easy to install and the ability to fit dual power supplies was a godsend. BUT, I found that the cables for I/O on the front were too short, especially the HD Audio cabling, I couldn't even plug it in. I also had some difficulty with there not being enough 5.25 device mounts that came with the case. This is a bigger issue for me as I had to order the case from Australia so it will take me a while to get more mounts. The customer service is great though so I'm sure they will sort me out fast enough.

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