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  • Image 1
  • Solid Side Panels
  • Image 3
  • Image 4
  • Image 5
  • Shown with cut-out bottom chassis section and 120.3 fan hole mid-plates
  • Shown with solid bottom chassis section and solid mid-plates
  • Image 8
  • Image 9
  • Image 10
  • HPTX Interior
  • XL-ATX Interior
  • XL Window Door
  • XXL Window Door
  • Ventilated Door
  • Solid Door
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  • Image 28
  • Drive cages Top: HDD x2, Middle: 3.5'' bay device, Bottom: SSD x4
  • Silverstone USB 3.0 device installed in the 3.5'' device cage.
  • View from top looking down
  • Ventilated Top Cover
  • Solid Top Cover
  • Image 34
  • 140.4 Drop-In Mount
  • 120.4 Drop-In Mount
  • 120mm Extended Ventilated Top Cover
  • Image 38
  • 140.4 radiator installed on a 140.4 Side Mount
  • 120.4 radiator installed on a 120.4 Side Mount
  • Radiators installed in upper and lower chambers
  • Image 42
  • Image 43
  • Matte White finish
  • Matte White finish
  • PCI Backplate  -   Hex-Mesh (left)   Fan Hole (right)
  • Color Options


Calculated at checkout
Use to specify two tone color scheme if selected :

Product Description

Have a question? Just email us at

**Important Please Read**

* If you are unable to retrieve a shipping quote for your country, please click here.

* If the two tone option is selected, please specify which parts of the case are to be painted with each color. It is okay to specify the parts for one color with the assumption that the remaining parts are to be the other color.

* The STH10 is only available “flat-packed” (unassembled) unless local pickup (will call) is selected. If will call is selected, and you want the case assembled, please make the request in the order comments.

* Radiator mounts are not included.

* As of November 11th 2014, the XL-ATX option will include mounting points for a reservoir mount on the divider wall beside the cable management holes. The mount is additional and can be found here

Case Features:

All Aluminum Construction
The Flex-Bay System
The Accessory Mounting System
Removable Motherboard Tray and Mini Tech Station
Quick Release Exterior
Drop-in Top Radiator Mounting
Side Radiator Mounting
Cooling Chambers
Mod Friendly Chassis
Anti-Vandal Switches with Black MDPC-X Sleeved Cables



Overall Exterior Dimensions 
32.25"H x 26.56"D x 11.25"W (819mm x 675mm x 286mm) Both XL-ATX and HPTX form factors are available (exterior case dimensions are the same).
Clearance Above/Below The MB Tray  42mm
Upper Chamber Dimensions (from the frame, side covers add.5'' (12.7mm) to each side)  26.00"(660mm) x 9.70"(246mm) x 6.41"(163mm)
Middle Chamber Dimensions (from the frame, door adds .5'' (12.7mm) to the width)  26.00"(660mm) x 7.60"(193mm) x 17.44"(443mm)
Lower Chamber Dimensions (from the frame, side covers add.5'' (12.7mm) to each side
 26.00"(660mm) x 9.70"(246mm) x 7.41"(188mm)
Clearance behind The MB Tray  2.65'' (67mm)
PCI Slots  10
Form Factor  XL-ATX (mATX, ATX, **E-ATX, SSI-CEB, XL-ATX. MB tray dimension: 13.60” x 10.75”) or HPTX  (mATX, ATX, SSI-CEB, XL-ATX, EATX, SSI-EEB, HPTX. MB tray dimension 13.60" x 15.00” - 346mm x 381mm)
Maximum radiator size - top chamber  120.4 (480) x 2 (One on each side of the chamber)
Maximum radiator size with PSU - top chamber   120.3 (360) x2  (One on each side of the chamber)
Maximum radiator size - above top chamber (under 120mm extended top cover)  140.4 (560) x 1
Maximum radiator size - lower chamber  140.4 (560) x 2 (One on each side of the chamber)
Maximum radiator size with PSU - lower chamber 120.3 (360) x 2 (One on each side of the chamber)
Span between installed radiator mounts in either chamber (In a push/pull configuration, one bank of 25mm thick fans sits on the outside of the radiator mount, and is irrelevant when calculating radiator fitments)  8.5'' (217mm)
Cooling Tower Clearance  180mm

Mid-Plate Fan Mounts (upper and lower)

 120mm x 3 (solid option available)
Number of Flex-Bays (5.25'' bays)  17
Number of 3.5'' bays
Native HDD Capacity  2 (22 Using Optional MAC-102 HDD Cages)
Native SSD Capacity  4 (48 using Optional MAC-102 HDD Cages and MAC-124 SSD mounts)

 32 lbs (14.5 kg)

PSU locations  4

Note: Exterior dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm)


 ** "E-ATX" motherboards such as the ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME will fit in this case with the XL-ATX option. E-ATX motherboards such as the Supermicro H8DG6 will not fit in this case with the XL-ATX option. Please cross reference the motherboard tray size with the motherboard dimensions from the manufacturer.





Standard and Optional Case Features and Accessories:

  Standard Features and Options Optional upgrades
Top Cover  Ventilated or Solid  39 mm Ventilated or 120mm Ventilated

Motherboard Door

 Solid or Ventilated  XL Window or XXL Window
Upper Cooling Chamber Covers  Solid or Ventilated (One of each avalible upon request)  NA
Lower Cooling Chamber Covers  Solid or Ventilated (One of each avalible upon request)  NA
Form Factor XL-ATX or HPTX  NA
Chassis Mid-Plates 120.3 fan holes or Solid  NA
Bottom Chassis Section  Cut-Out With Cover Plate or Solid  NA
Switch Assembly Anti-Vandal Power/Reset switches with black MDPC-X sleeved cables or no switch or cables (subtract $20.00)  NA
PCI Back Plate   120mm Hex-Mesh or 120mm with 4 x 40mm Fan Holes (cover plate included for the 4 x 40mm fan holes)   NA
PSU covers  3  NA
PCI Covers  10  NA
Flex-Bay Configuration
 5 Triple Bay Covers and 2 Single Bay Covers - Solid
 5 Triple Bay Covers and 2 Single Bay Covers - Ventilated
Flex-Bay 5.25 mounts  4 sets of Standard Mounts (MAC-125)
MISC Hardware Motherboard Tray Handle, HDD/SSD hardware kit, MB standoff kit, Cable Ties, Spare Parts kit, Rubber Case Feet and 5/16'' nut driver for drive cages.
Case Color  Black Matte or Primer Gray (Primer Gray is not a cosmetic Finish)  White, Gunmetal or Two Tone
Case Orientation  Standard or Reverse   NA


The STH10 was designed without a fixed I/O panel for the front. Instead, we created a 3.5'' bay mount directly under the switches. Now you have the freedom to have any type I/O panel you like or none at all! The switch assembly includes two switch plates, a solid version and one with a cut-out for your 3.5'' device. 

We offer this 3.5'' device wih USB and HD audio. We can even color match it to your CaseLabs case!


Product Reviews

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  1. One of the best on the market!

    Posted by Gary Murphy on 29th Oct 2014

    I have built several computers over the years with Antec and Corsair (800D and 900D) cases. This case blows them away all away. The lightweight aluminum construction is solid and easily assembles in minutes. The choice of paint finishes allows you to customize it to your needs without the extra effort of prepping it for paint. A definite winner in all aspects!!

  2. Wow

    Posted by John Fox on 4th Oct 2014

    Every detail has been thought about and reviewed. The packaging and even the end waste materials are even impressive (just a ball of tape). Everything comes individually wrapped, labelled, and sorted. The caster kit is in its own bag, with its own screws. The flex bay items are in their own bags, with their own screws separated per item. You might think that if you had the skills, the materials, and the time that you could make one better yourself...but I think you'd be in for a rude surprise.

    You can read plenty of reviews, see videos, and pictures, but it simply will not describe the quality of this product. Even when parts of the case hit the table/floor they give a satisfying "thunk" and not a "clink". As seen in the video review by Tim Logan of OC3D ( there are endless possibilities of how to use this case. It is not a question of what you can do, but what you cannot do. Caselabs offers mini ITX cases all the way to the TX-10D which can easily fit two massive computers in it (if not more).

    I admit that I am new to the case modding scene, heck, even the water cooling scene. I like to plan, research, and think long term about whatever I do. I cannot imagine how a case would be higher in quality, made by any human means.

    Well done CaseLabs, I will be back for more.


    P.S. - If you want to research more for yourself, get ready for a data dump:

    Sites with good information (I will undoubtedly be missing a few): (also has the official case labs forum with TONS of info)

    Written reviews of the STH-10

    Other Caselabs reviews (see this site's links also)

    Build Log Compilation and Owner's Thread

    900D vs Cosmos II vs Other vs Caselabs - Yes there are a few ultra towers from good brand companies that make ultra towers or other high end products aimed at the same people who might buy case labs. At the end of the day, its up to you how you will spend your money, but I cannot see anyone compete with Caselabs for quality, flexibility, and potential at the base product.


    Posted by ali on 26th May 2014

    I got this case as an upgrade from an M10 case,need more room,i was lucky to pick one up here in the UK,it was a reverse version(my first one),so I got the platform/pedestal and top panel as an order,(in white by the way)now I have 3 chambers to fill,which was very hard,top and pedestal I used for rads,middle for power supples,the motherboard area is massive,i put E-ATX board and 4 cards in and it looks tiny,half the area used,i was easy to build,all the parts marked,now the case stands 48" tall,the case is so well maded,it well last for years,i am very happy with it,AWESOME.

  4. Freedom!

    Posted by F.J on 2nd Feb 2014

    I have seen so many pictures and now I have it. The design is so spectacular and the craftsmanship is amazing. The powder coat is robust and adheres. All holes are carefully drilled and countersunk.

    Engineering went into this case no cutting corners. I just cannot believe I didn't know about caselabs before :).

    Once again 10/10.

    Thank you to the caselabs team :)

  5. Absolutely Brilliant, flexible and Well Made Case

    Posted by Marco on 11th Dec 2013

    I ended up going for the CaseLabs STH10 case after going thorugh a few Lian Li cases previously, which were good cases, but not a patch on the STH10. It's great to have a case that maeks concealing a water cooling system so easily, and while it's doesn't have to look all 'blingy' in a '12 year old Ritalin induced Call of Duty' kinda way.

    If I ever have to replace my main case the next one will be a CaseLabs case too!

  6. Great Case

    Posted by Pat on 5th Dec 2013

    As stated this is a great case. The build quality is truly superb and assembly was relatively easy. This case has more than ample room for pretty much any build you can imagine.

    Expensive but more than well worth the money.

  7. One Case shall rule them all

    Posted by Kristoffer N.K on 22nd Nov 2013

    After several pc cases ranging from the Pentium era with the nostalgic "IBM white" to Lian li's to the HAF cases in early 2000. To Obsidian 800D today.

    I ask myself, If only this case was available then.....
    But finally I have one. The case of my life the STH10.

    I dont know where to start, I dont know where to begin.....

    This case is not only a case, its a SHRINE for computer/modding enthusiast's.

  8. Top notch and expect nothing less

    Posted by Conrad Yeo on 6th Sep 2013

    Caselabs is like the dream case for all modders. Been wanting to get it but the huge price tag plus shipping to Singapore held me back for quite a while.

    Last month, I finally put down my heart and just paid for the Caselabs STH10. From ordering process to delivery and finally to installation, Kevin and Carla had been very helpful.

    I had some issues in the color of my orders as they had been sent wrongly and one of my HDD cage was bent. I sent an email to Kevin whom received and promised that they would replace them which made my day.

    Quality of the case is really top notch, from the built of the case to the power coat. Caselabs STH10 can really let modders go wild especially with watercooling setups.

    Personally I am running full watercooling setup which has 3 radiators, 2 pumps and this little mammoth consumes them with lots of room to spare.

    Caselabs are very thoughtful in small details. To name a few such as swinging removeable side panels, removeable "gliding" motherboard tray, spring installed thumbscrews. Even the way they flat packed the case is packed according to the installation process of the case.

    My only complaint is the ugly rubber feet which would be better if they can include aluminum feet instead.

    Right now, the case is up and awaiting for the replacement parts to be shipped over.

    Thumbs up Caselabs! Will highly recommend to all of my friends !

  9. Incredible Quality

    Posted by Mitchell on 25th Aug 2013

    I was amazed to find how carefully and neatly packed everything was.
    The quality of the cuts and bends and the paint job are far better than you'd expect for something this price. The paint is difficult to scratch off, too.

    Anyone who want's a good quality, incredibly modular and large enough case for almost any build, needs to buy one of these. Forget NZXT, Thermaltake, Lian li, Coolermaster etc, they've got nothing on this beauty.

  10. The best case ever

    Posted by Zach on 18th May 2013

    I had just received the shock of my life when I have received this case. This case is larger than two of my lian-li cases placed together. Although this product took quite some time to assemble, everything else was removable from the case. Even though this case is quite costly, I consider it an lifetime investment. I haven't purchased some of my components yet, but I have no doubt that my array would fit in this case. Best thing of all, it is not Made in China like my Corsair 800d.

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