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  • Ventilated MB Door - Standard Case
  • Ventilated PSU Door - Standard Case
  • Rear view with fan hole option
  • MB Interior View
  • PSU Interior View
  • Standard and Reverse Front View
  • Top View with Ventilated Cover
  • Top View Showing Integrated Radiator Mounts
  • Bottom View Showing Integrated Radiator/Fan Mounts
  • XL Window in Gray
  • Solid Panels
  • Standard Ventilated Top Cover
  • 31mm Extended Top Cover
  • 85mm Extended Top Cover
  • HDD Cage Options: MAC-102 Flex-Bay Mount (left) and MAC-101 Standard Mount (right)
  • PCI Backplate  -   Hex-Mesh (left)   Fan Hole (right)
  • Color Options

MAGNUM M8 Case (discontinued)


Product Description

This case has been discontinued and replaced by the M8A.

Case Features:

All Aluminum Construction
The Flex-Bay System
The Accessory Mounting System
Integrated Horizontal Radiator Mounting
Dual Chamber Construction
Quick Release Exterior
Anti-Vandal Switches with Black Sleeved Cables
Removable Motherboard Tray and Mini Tech Station


Technical Specs  
Base Price (US Dollars) $419.95
Flex-Bays (5.25 bays) 10
PCI Slots 8
Motherboard tray size (width x height) 10.63” x 12.06" (270mm x 306mm)
Native HDD Locations 4
Native SSD Locations -
Total possible HDD locations with extra HDD cages (using additional mounts, purchased separately) 24
Total possible SSD locations with extra SSD mounts (using additional mounts, purchased separately) 48
PSU Mounting locations 2
Weight (Pounds) 19
Optional Front I/O Panel Yes
Compatible Motherboard Form Factors  
mITX Yes
mATX Yes
E-ATX (dual CPU) -
E-ATX (Revision-M) -

Exterior (width x depth x height)

(dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm))

15" x 20" x 19" (381mm x 510mm x 484mm)
Motherboard chamber dimensions (width x depth x height) 7.6" x 19.4" x 18.4" (194mm x 494mm x 468mm)
PSU chamber dimensions (width x depth x height) 5.6" x 19.4" x 18.4" (143mm x 494mm x 468mm)
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance above motherboard tray with standard height top cover 100mm
Maximum Radiator/Fan clearance below the motherboard tray 52mm
Cooling Tower Clearance (air cooler) 180mm


Note: Exterior dimensions shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75’’ (19mm) to height, optional standard casters add 2.6’’ (67mm) and HD Casters add 3’’ (76mm)

** "E-ATX" motherboards such as the ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME will fit in this case. E-ATX motherboards such as the Supermicro H8DG6 will not fit in this case. Please cross reference the motherboard tray size with the motherboard dimensions from the manufacturer..



Case Features and Included Accessories  
All Aluminum construction Yes
Flex-Bay System Yes
Accessory mounting System Yes
Quick Release Exterior Yes
Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mounts - Standard (MAC-125) 4 sets
Integrated Radiator Mounting (beyond 120.1/140.1) Yes
Side Radiator Mounting Yes (optional)
Dual Chamber Design Yes
Slide out motherboard tray with tech station conversion kit Yes
Anti-Vandal style power and reset switches with MDPC-X sleeved cables Yes
Compatible Radiator Sizes (may require additional mounts)  
120.1 - 120.2 (120 - 240) Yes
140.1 - 140.2 (140 - 280) Yes
120.3 (360) Yes
140.3 (420) -
120.4 (480) -
140.4 (560) -
120.9 (1080) -
140.9 (1260) -
180.3 (540) -
180.4 (720) -
Shipping Format: Domestic  
Flat Packed -
Fully Assembled Yes
Shipping Format: International                  
Flat Packed -
Fully Assembled Yes




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  1. You get what you pay for

    Posted by Oviano on 23rd May 2015

    I'm delighted with the quality of the M8 case. Everything just feels very high quality, solid but still light, you just feel that it's a premium product.

    Is it worth the money? For me, yes it is but I was essentially on an unlimited budget for this build so if I had been trying to keep costs down then I'd have looked for cheaper lesser alternatives.

    But this is a top notch case, make no mistake. I had a lot of fun building it and my wife thinks it's hilarious that I sent pictures in (see the gallery under M8 and user Oviano) and she probably has a point!

  2. My Dream Case

    Posted by Littlez on 22nd Apr 2015

    I am the type that always upgrades and tinkers with everything inside my PC, before the Magnum M8 it was sometimes less than fun. Afterwards it is a blast, everything is so easily accessible and open. The best part is that there are so many options, configurations, and add-ons that you can start out with the bare essentials and just upgrade as you go.

  3. Amazing Product and Customer Service

    Posted by Ryan Lester on 30th Mar 2015

    Truly amazing product and hands down one of the best customer service experiences I have had with a company. KC was more than tolerant with my 5 calls to them finding out estimated shipping dates and modifications to the case after I made the purchase.

    I can say that is the last ATX case that I will ever need to purchase and can see it being with me for a long time.

    Thanks CaseLabs for providing the best chassis I have ever owned.

  4. Exceeded my high expectations

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Feb 2015

    I spent over a month researching what case I want to get for my next build. I read dozens of reviews and decided to go with CaseLabs Magnum M8. Based on the reviews I read, I had really high expectations. When the case finally arrived and after examining every inch of the case I couldn't be more satisfied. It has exceeded my high expectations. This is possibly the last case I will ever buy. The only thing I wish it had is the drop in radiator assembly like the Mercury S8 but that is just nitpicking. This is hands down the best case I've ever bought.

  5. Outstanding Quality!

    Posted by Leo on 15th Apr 2014

    I opened the box as soon as it arrived. You will not mind the plainness of the packaging because you will definitely be happy with the quality of the packaging. The packaging is top notch. The box was thick and they surround the case with thick square foams(about 1 1/4thick foam i think) to protect it through the rough journey and bumps .. The case was in a thick, high quality plastic that was artistically wrapped to prevent scratches. That was just the packaging...

    Upon inspecting the case, it's indeed true that it was made with details in mind. The thickness of the aluminum, the powder coat paint and the design of the case really is vomiting/spitting quality all around. I ordered my M8 White and the matte finish with added black tone was indeed a beauty in my eyes. Further looking up inside, even the smallest details, from the grommets and screws speaks of very high quality craftsmanship.

    The only thing i regret is that "I doubted ordering" because of the price. Shipping price is reasonable and is pretty fast (BTW i live in Philippines, so basically, shipping cost me a lot but it was worth it.). Every bit of dollar was well spent.

    Caselabs is a league of its own and you definitely can't compare them to other high end cases out there. The functionality, longetivity and modular design is what made me pick this case.

    I'm now a proud owner of a CASELABS case!

  6. Amazing

    Posted by Steve on 21st Mar 2014

    Seriously an amazing product. The fitment and quality of finish is flawless. Where parts screw together, the alignment is perfect in every possible way. The case is strong, clean and surprisingly light. A comment about the packaging...the person who packs this thing for shipping is an artist. I found that not in any area of this product construction or shipment was there a single short cut taken. This thing is just amazing.

  7. Shipped to Italy

    Posted by Marco on 14th Feb 2014

    Ordered it around the 22 of January. Took exactly 10 days to build because of the double color scheme . I chose the fedex shipping and that was the fastest economy shipping i've ever seen from America , 5 days and the baby was home. No damage to the enclosure neither to the box what so ever . Perfect construction with 2.6mm thick alloy and 1.5 for the exterior panels. Extremely cheap both shipping (around 120$) and customs (I payed 75€) . If I could i would buy another one without any doubt !!!! A M A Z I N G

  8. Something - Something

    Posted by Larry Alexander on 17th Jan 2014

    Like a lot of others did a lot of research on the CaseLabs Cases, watched a lot of videos on you tube concerning the quality and read a lot of the build logs on CaseLabs cases. Made a decision to do the build in a Magnum 8 case. The decision was long process several mnths of planning and asked a lot of questions prior to placing the order. the questions all had a quick response. Installing two Black Ice SR-1 120.3 radiators in the top of the case with the fans above the radiator mounts for a push configuration. You will need the 33 mm top if you decide to go this route. The reason I did this orientation on the raditors doing a single loop. There is a round whole in the top front centere mid plate the fittings from the radiator was in alighnment for the whole to run the tubing threw. It is a snug fit and off a little bit how ever with different radiators it may be a perfect fit. The tubing is not a hard install used compression fittings. You can mount another 120.3 radiator in the flex bay side in the front of the case. Instead decided to mount a Black ice SR-1 240 in the front Flex Bay side. This will leave plenty of room in the front bottom of the case to mount a pump or pumps if you choose too. There is enough room between the radiators top and front to mount a Aquaero Pro 6 or a similar fan controller it is a tight fit you may want to drop the radiator in the Flex Bay side down to the bottom fit in front of the case. You can add a 120.3 or a 120.2 radiator in the bottom on the PSU side decided to leave that area open for cable management. With a 120.3 radiator mounted in the top of the case on the PSU side you will not be able to mount a 120 mm x 25 mm fan in the top front. You do not need a fan in that location the radiator and fittings will restrict the air flow anyway. I did mount a Rampage Three Black Edition on the M/Board tray and it fits perfectly the M/Board does not hang over on the tray. Set but did not mount a 120.3 Black Ice GTX radiator again in the bottom of the case on the M/Board side just to see if it would give enough clearance. You will have issues with the screws that hold the casters. 4 Velocity Raptors and 1 Caviar Black hard drives leaves room to mount two more hard drives. There is plenty of room in the top of the case droped the hard drive racks to the bottom of the case.
    Did a international shipment Ground using FEDX the case was shipped half way around the world into Asia. The delivery was on time. CaseLabs notified me with a tracking number to FEDX. There was two dings in the box that can happen with any carrier. The case came fully assembled.
    CaseLabs does not send a installation manual with this case. it is very straight forward and extra hardware you order is in a separate plastic bag including a smaller plastic bag inside to hold the screws. Each bag is labeld with name and part number so installation with a manual is not required. The only complaint I have is the USB 3 sleeving at the front of the case could use some improvement it is not too bad. The vandal switches sound like Lamptrons and have a very firm click to them. The standoffs for the M.Board is in a package and had exactly enough to mount the M/Board so recommend you order 1 extra package in case you loose one. Expected the Standoffs to be mounted and a extra bag shipped not so with this case. Some people have complained about the doors sticking and being a little difficult to open I did not find that issue. All the panels fit perfectly extremely easy to mount radiators fans and hardware in. There is not any flex in the frame this is very strong case. Will say this case has adequate room unless you plan on extreme water cooling. Consider 2 x 120.3 Radiators and 1 120.2 radiator advanced cooling set up. This case offers so much flexability you can do a extreme water cooling build in this case with all of the options available from Caselabs.

  9. Universal MAGNUM M8 built by CASELABS

    Posted by Andy Keller on 8th Jan 2014

    The MAGNUM M8 built by CASELABS gives many high-end PC component installation possibilities and provid excellent customer service from the day I ordered it to the day it was delivered. What is still boggling my mind is to have the entire motherboard and the closed circuit water/air cooling system including the graphics card(s) slide out altogether! I hope to come up with a satisfying solution and will report my findings with some pictures to CASELBS in the near future.
    My special thanks go to Kevin and all CASELABS members.

    Syncerely, Andy Keller

  10. A very well deserved reputation for quality far above anyone else.

    Posted by Pete on 7th Dec 2013

    Executive Summary:
    Case required with room for big gfx card, watercooling & lots of drives. Found CaseLabs, chose Magnum M8 - BACK OF THE NET!!! Get one, you *won't* regret it :o)

    Long Version:
    I wanted to upgrade my graphics card and my existing case just wasn't big enough to handle one of these new monsters. I also wanted a case that would hold 7-8 drives without having to spend weeks trying to figure out how to shoehorn them in without frighteningly sharp bends in SATA cables and everything bashing into everything else. I wanted to do some overclocking as well, so thought a watercooled rig would be better. Anyway I stumbled across CaseLabs via lots of YouTube video's featuring their products. Wow! Some tasty kit... hit the website & checked them all out before settling for the Magnum M8 in black.

    My M8 arrived in the UK via FedEx (another thumbs up for them too) packed in a nice thick, sturdy outer box, styrofoam sheets & a thick plastic "bodybag". The extra's and parts that came with it were safely bagged, bubbled and stored in a huge wad of paper inside the case, so there was no chance of damage to them or the case interior.

    I was so impressed by the quality I made a point of scrutinising the whole shipment. Not a single blemish on the immaculate matte black finish, not one smudge, scratch, blob of paint, thinly sprayed area, swarf, rough edge, bad fit, dent or misalignment. That applied to not just to the case, but every component, screw & strut! The way it has been designed, fabricated and assembled is nothing short of IMPECCABLE! And it looks very stylish and distinctive to boot :o)

    It was a joy having enough space to work inside the chassis, not having to worry about slashing your wrists on sharp edges or about how the heck I'd get something in there. This case is so versatile you can do just about anything you can think of. However you will need to set aside a little time just to slide the tech tray in & out & gently tighten thumbscrews up just because it feels so good! Big kid or what! :o)

    If you want to build a positive pressure system to prevent dust build up then, even if you seal things up pretty well, you will still need fans that can maintain pressure on the input side, so my build isn't the quietest that could be made. If I had some fabrication skills I'd be making a custom bridging plate between the rad and the case that would seal the gaps at either end, but sadly I never got beyond the "I've broken it" stage in metalwork...

    Anyway, my Magnum M8 swallowed the following without even batting an eyelid, and could have taken a whole lot more:
    - Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 mobo
    - Core i5 2500K with XSPC Raystorm block
    - EVGA GTX770 with XSPC cooling block
    - XSPC EX360 Radiator & 2Bay res with D5 pump
    - Lamptron Touch Fan Controller
    - DVD RW
    - 6 HDD's & 1 SSD (got an extra HDD rack)
    - 8x 120mm fans - 4 input, 3 output in a push config on the radiator in the hole above the mobo compartment, so including the Power Supply fan, that's 4 out
    - a strut & 120 fan holder to place a fan facing into the chipset & memory area of the board to blow air across them in the absence of the CPU fan
    - 4 DEMCiflex 120mm black round filters that fit perfectly over the input fan holes, so are hidden behind the front panel
    - Two white LED lighting strips along the top of each compartment controlled by a switch 'cos finding stuff in a black case isn't easy without lights.

    So, the proof of the pudding is in the build and, as I type, this lovely black work of art is sitting beneath the desk humming away to itself, with a subtle blue glow from the Power switch and nice red blips from the HDD/Reset button. Thanks CaseLabs!! I love it!

    Right, now... Minecraft, Folding@Home or ARMA?... ;)

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