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  • Shown with ventilated grill
  • Shown with solid grill
  • Shown with drives (not included).
  • Shock mount screws (set of 16) and 4 thumb screws included.

HDD Cage Assy - Flex-Bay


Product Description

Need more drive capacity for your CaseLabs case? This all aluminum drive cage fits in the Flex-Bays (5.25 bays) in the front of the case, and supports four 3.5’’ drives or up to eight SSDs or 2.5’’ HDDs with our 2.5'' HDD/SSD Mounting Kits. Each drive is mounted with anti-vibration hardware to ensure little to no vibration to the chassis.

The front of the cage is provided with a 120mm fan mount, and has a removable grill for easy fan installation. For fans up to 25mm or 38mm thick with plenty of room for filters. Choice of ventilated fan grill or a solid grill for a stealthy look. Each corner has preinstalled anti-vibration grommets to reduce vibration to the chassis. This mount uses 3 bays and is included with 4 thumbscrews for mounting.

DECMiflex fan filters can be found here: DEMCiflex, and

Silverstone fan filters can be found here: Silverstone 120mm fan filter

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  1. Surprisingly Bad

    Posted by Jason Van Patten on 20th Mar 2017

    I just finished assembling my CaseLabs THW10 case that included one of these FlexBay HDD cages. Everything *else* in the case is top notch, well thought out, and basically beyond reproach. This disk cage is literally amateur-hour in comparison to everything else in the kit.

    Just awful.

    Once the cage is bolted into place in the case, it has almost no flexibility to it. And because of that, there's no way to mount the disks once you attach the slide-in screws and grommets to them. Instead, you have to pop the rubber grommets into the cage first, then line the HDD up between them, and THEN try to attach the screws.

    Given the price of everything else in the CaseLabs case, there really is *no* excuse for not using a slide-in tool-less tray setup.

  2. Hot Swap

    Posted by Chett on 24th Sep 2016

    Sturdy cage but for the money it should be hot swap. Also perhaps multiple mounting points for the cages who want to mount them differently.

  3. does the job

    Posted by mike hoang on 30th Jun 2015

    Attaching a fan to this was kinda difficult, but after tighting the screws I made it work. Over all its well made and flexible, but doesn't scratch or bend easily. Its a must buy for adding more additional hard drives or ssds.

  4. Great

    Posted by Joel Thompson on 26th Nov 2014

    This is an excellent idea and a good way to use the flexbay that you would otherwise just have a fan on. Easy to assemble.

    Side note: you cannot use the drive cage that comes with the S8 and a flex bay 120 mm fan kit. The cages are different so you have to purchase this kit and just store your extra hdd cage.

  5. some suggestions

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2014

    -The drive cage attaches only one way which allows mounting the HD/SSD from front to back, in other words the drive's connectors face inwards towards the motherboard, but the cage would take up less volume if it allowed mounting from side to side and you could hide the cables behind the drives.

    -Implementing a rail system or caddy system like many other consumer cases have these days would also benefit from the side to side mounting as drives could be easily swapped. Right now they are screwed in place, which is secure and is appreciated, but doesn't allow quick removal for HD changes or cleaning

    -Fan filter needs to be part of the design process for the cage. Don't need it included but it should be removable and quick to access to clean.

    If there is a cage that has side to side mounting ill buy one immediately.

  6. Very good product

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2014

    Precise cutting, no problem mounting it, sturdy. Only thing that could be improved in my opinion (if you put a fan in front) : could be more easily dismounted for cleaning (especially if you have a fan filter inside) . It's not a problem, cleaning is once in a while
    Everything else is perfect.

  7. flexible

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2013

    I can confirm that the non-flexibility issue mentioned in the earlier 3-star review is not accurate; this has either been fixed in newer versions or never was true in the first place. This mount is modular like everything else. You will have 4 distinct sets of screws (not including the actual drive mounting):

    - 4 screws attaching the fan hole plate to the cage
    - 4 screws attaching a fan to the plate
    - 4 screws (on the sides) attaching the grill to the plate
    - 4 screws on the lip of the fan plate for the standard flex-bay mounting

    In fact, I'm fairly sure that the cage and fan modules are the same as those in the "standard" version of this (MAC-101) and the stand-alone flex-bay fan mounts (MAC-113, MAC-377), so if you had ordered those separately you would be able to assemble this yourself.

    And finally, the design is symmetrical, so even if you need to flip the cage around, there is no need to detach it -- you can just flip the whole unit.

  8. Drive cage design right up there with the case

    Posted by JD on 23rd Oct 2013

    Wasn't sure until I had it in my hand. I'm running 5 hard drives, in two cages, behind cooling fans. Secure, quiet and oh so easy to mount. Had filter screens on my previous box and haven't come up with an obvious, easy way to filter with this but haven't given it all that much thought either. Did a white case with white led fans and it looks great. Don't want to do anything to spoil the appearance so may just have clean more often. No big deal. I've built plenty and found nothing better than this.

  9. Very flexible design because ...

    Posted by jack labout on 14th Oct 2013

    ... the cage can be used three ways: as a fan only mount, as a fan cooled drive cage mount, as a 120.1 radiator mount.

    Best use for the front of an ST10 case in combination with a Flexbay 120.2 radiator mount because you can move the drive cage to any of three mounting locations (the 120.2 has two drive cage mounting points) as your cooling requirements change.

    As usual, quality and fit are excellent.

    The drive cage CAN be removed (four screws hold it in place) to let you move it or orient it as needed in your build.

    If I had a quibble, it would be that the design does not let one use "drop-in" air filters so inserting or removing filters can be a problem. But since I use DEMCifilter magnetic filters over my drive bays, I don't have any problems at all.

  10. great quality

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2013

    this is a great hdd cage. the reason why im giving it a 3 is because there is absolutely no way to remove the hdd cage from the fan bracket. i needed to flip the cage or the hard drives to change the direction of the sata connectors and i wasnt able to do so. had to go and get new sata power extenders rather then use the sleeved one i already had.

    awesome idea... but for 35 dollars i expected more flexibility.

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