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  • Flex-Bay Cover - Single Solid
  • Flex-Bay Cover - Single Ventilated
  • Flex-Bay Cover - Double Solid
  • Flex-Bay Cover - Double Ventilated
  • Flex-Bay Cover - Triple Solid
  • Flex-Bay Cover - Triple Ventilated

Flex-Bay Covers (Pricing Varies)


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Flex-Bay (5.25 bay) Covers are available in single, double and triple as well as solid or ventilated. Thumbscrews for mounting are included.

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  1. Quick delivery

    Posted by Bjørn Olav Aalton on 17th Jan 2017

    ordered them on 28.12.2016 and delivered in Norway 16.01.2017. Color was still spot on. Good quality as allways.

  2. It covers the flex bay

    Posted by Scott on 8th Apr 2016

    This is a single slot flex Bay cover. I am using it in the TH10A. I like that Casella colors alwaysatch perfectly without a single issue.

  3. Sleek and Simple

    Posted by Austin on 16th Oct 2015

    When I made my order I had chosen the ventilated option for my bay covers. My reasoning behind this was for extra ventilation. Well after building my completely water cooled system with 720mm of radiators and six fans blowing the heat out the top I found from a cooling and acoustics perspective that these ventilated bay covers were not necessary in my situation. SO I wen't and bought these covers as a full frontal replacement on my S8. Beyond that there really isn't much to say about the covers themselves. I ordered 2x triple, 1x double and 1x single bay cover and they all fit perfectly flush with each other in their housings. They also help cut down on the acoustics of the fans in my case by a small but noticeable difference. All in all if you don't need the extra ventilation then I would do with the solid bay covers over the ventilated ones. Especially on the bottom 3-4 bay on the S8 specifically. I saw this because in this bottom section here is where all your wires for your case are going to be run through and with the ventilated covers you are going to see all your wires stuck down in there from the front of the case. The solid covers hide this eyesore if you aren't very good with the cable management. I'm meticulous with mine and even I still don't like looking at them from the front. Just some suggestions for everyone.

  4. Simple but effective!

    Posted by Jacob on 16th Jul 2015

    I bought my STH10 second hand, and instead of having 5x3 and 1x2, it had 2x1, so I gave away the two singles, and purchased the 1x2 cover so I could have as few panels as possible, no front drive bays (using a slot loading optical drive mounted near the drive cages so it is hidden, and working on covering all of the front slotted vents and top slotted vent with white acrylic and making a lightbox in all of them... They work perfectly for this, as the nice slotted design is smooth and clean.

    Sturdy built, and solid. They came up with an excellent design I. The flex-bay, allowing for varying sizes of front panels to fit and look clean while not breaking or falling apart like the plastic in most cases.

  5. solid front panels

    Posted by ali on 16th Mar 2015

    solid front panels,mades the front of your case ,clean and tidy and stops the dust for coming in to the case.

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