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Flex-Bay 120.4 (480) Fan/Radiator Mount


Product Description

Mount for four 120mm fans and/or one 480 radiator for the Flex-Bays (5.25 bays) in the front of the case. The mount is all aluminum and has a removable grill for easy fan installation. For fans up to 25mm thick with plenty of room for filters. Each corner has preinstalled anti-vibration grommets reduce vibration to the chassis. This mount uses 12 bays and is included with 14 thumbscrews for mounting.

Note: When installing a radiator, the radiator will extend past the mount in one direction. Please plan accordingly.

Note: Single Wide MAGNUM and TX10 Cases - This mount must be installed in the front chassis before the front chassis is installed.

DECMiflex fan filters can be found here: DEMCiflex, and

Silverstone fan filters can be found here: Silverstone 120mm fan filter


Product Reviews

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  1. great

    Posted by mike h on 18th May 2015

    fits nicely and holds up to 4 fans plus a 480 radiator. amazing product. The paint on this was amazing.

  2. Clean and customizable

    Posted by Gary Murphy on 29th Oct 2014

    Ordered this with a primer gray exterior and black interior to allow for the exterior to be painted to match the case. The flush fit with the front panel provides a clean look that is unmistakable.

  3. I actually dont need this.

    Posted by JT on 6th Oct 2014

    In all my reviews, I will be stating that the build quality from CL is perfect. There are no flaws or scratches, packing material is great.

    But the thing is I have no need for this.

    I ordered 140mm x 3 flex bay case. So I ordered this extra accessory wrongly. It will help me though if the site has been a little more descriptive. I am after all a first time CL buyer. Flex bay only references the left side (when you look at it from the front). So this 120.4 is not useful for me. My right side has 4 120, so I thought I could use this for the right side, which of course I am wrong. pls remember for all of you out there looking to buy flex bay accessories, it only can be used on the left side of the case. It is not interchangeable.

  4. It makes your flex bay so clean.

    Posted by Ruck on 23rd Mar 2014

    Got this for my SMH10 since I only needed one bay slot for a fan controller. Sadly, I am not using any rads to pair up with this - only fans for intake - but I love how it makes the flex bay more uniform and clean.

    Since my SMH10 is a single wide Magnum case, you have to install this flex bay rad mount to the front chassis before you mount it to the rest of the case. Double wide Magnum cases shouldn't have this problem.

    I didn't necessarily do this, so the grill of the flex bay is loose and not attached to the rad mount. The reason why I didn't secure the grill to the mount, is because of flexibility.

    Since I am doing a full custom loop with my case, I didn't want to drain my loop in case one of the intake fans stopped working, so it would be easier to remove the grill, without detaching the front chassis.

    Of course Caselabs quality and service is top notch.

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