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Q. How long will it take for my case order to ship?

A. All cases are processed as orders come in, and the processing times are dependent on how many orders need to be filled. Under some circumstances several weeks may be needed to fulfill and order. Processing times are listed when selecting the color of any particular product, and will ship based on the product with the longest processing time (usually a case). For a better understanding it may be easier to think of the processing time like a waiting list as it does not actually take several weeks to manufacture a single case.


Q. What does “Awaiting fulfillment” mean?

A. Awaiting fulfillment means that your order is still processing.


Q. Why are fans not included with the case?

A. Rather than drive up the cost of the case for fans that usually get removed/replaced during build process, we feel that it is better to let the end user choose their own fans.


Q. Why are USB 3.0/2.0 ports not included with the case?

A. Not everyone wants or needs an I/O panel in the front of the case. If a front I/O panel was standard it would drive up the cost of the case for someone who may not even want it. If we included USB with the case, the case would just be that much more expensive.


Q. Here is a list of all the hardware that I want to use in the case. Will it all fit exactly how I think it will?

A. Due to the modularity of our cases, and the vast number different type’s water cooling equipment, there are too many variables for us to give an accurate answer to this question. Sometimes without actually trying each purposed configuration with the purposed hardware, we would not feel comfortable saying “Yes, everything will fit exactly how you think it will”. Our customer service reps are more than willing to help with any questions, but please understand they can only help with more general fitment questions. For more detailed fitment questions we recommend that you either buy the case first and plan accordingly, post a question in our forum or view the builds in our customer build gallery.


Q. Why do your cases not have air filters?

A. Finding a filter solution has been ongoing. Due to design and cost restraints we have been unable to incorporate an integrated filter solution. Currently we have these two options, the Silverstone filters available on our site, or DECMiflex has filters available specifically for our products. Please view their website for more information. DECMiflex also makes custom sized filters for a variety of applications.


Q. Can I make a change to my order?

A. You may change your order at any time as long it has not been shipped, and you have notified us at least 24 hours prior to shipment.