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Drop-In Top Radiator Mounting


      If you have ever mounted a push-pull radiator inside a case, you know what a pain it can be. Our drop-in top radiator mounts let you assemble the whole thing on your desktop, it then installs as a single assembly into your case.


SM8 120.4 Drop-In Mount shown  A typical 480 radiator
  dsc-5808.jpg        dsc-5813.jpg


Attach the fans to one side of the radiator


 Flip the radiator over

dsc-5815.jpg dsc-5818.jpg


Place the second bank of fans on top of the radiator


Place the Drop-In Mount on top of the fans and attach with the appropriate screws

dsc-5840.jpg dsc-5838.jpg


The radiator, fans and Drop-In Mount are now a single assembly


The mount can be installed anywhere in between the radiator and the fans to create extra space inside the case. Please note that a extended top will be needed.

dsc-5829-1.jpg dsc-5418.jpg


                                                    Now simply ''drop-in" the assembly.

dsc-5822.jpg dsc-5823.jpg








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