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Bullet BH8 140.2 (280) Front Radiator/Fan Mount


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140.2 (280) front fan/radiator mount for the Bullet BH8. 

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  1. great, but not without flaws

    Posted by Creidhne on 18th Dec 2017

    Alright, so if you're looking to purchase this case, I don't need to present you the advantages it has, as you probably already know it. From the things that you can't find in the case description:
    - you have space for 1 full unobstructed HDD cage (3 HDDs)
    - if you sacrifice 5.25" bay, you can mount one additional HDD cage
    - one unobstructed SSD cage
    - there's enough space to route 5mm cables between the PSU and the case wall
    - most PSU cables are way too long for this case, you may want to look into custom, shorter ones, or at least lots of zipties
    - handles are a must-have for this case (they have brass threads molded into plastic handle, so high quality stuff)
    - screw threads are solid all around the case
    - rear cover "mobo"/"cpu exhaust" fan is 120x120, but will fit Noctua NF-A15 fan; bottom rear fan slots near PSU are 2x 80mm
    - case seems to be resonance prone, make sure you have a suitable fan PWM controller to vary fan speeds a bit to reduce this
    - you won't fit a radiator above most graphics cards in this case (mount it above CPU, or on front mount instead)
    - there are no holes to route any cables outside of the case (if you wanted to have a power switch outside of the case - sorry, nope, unless you want to drill)

    Cons of this case:
    - 14 screws to get to your components
    - top/side outer casing is not mechanically aligned in any way with the rest of the case (no rails of any kind, or metal "leaves" to help keep it in place), which means it's a pain to screw those 14 back in (I recommend tying a ziptie on both front and back so you can pull on the panels easily to help with alignment, you can cut it off later)
    - 5.25" bay comes only with long and short mounts (out of which only short mount will fit optical drive). If you want to mount optical drive in this bay, purchase additional "Flex-Bay 5.25 Device Mount - Standard Anti-Vibration"
    - PCIE slot covers are relatively wide, some cards won't fit without grinding their covers down a little bit (MSI gaming 1080ti fits no problem, but aquacomputer m.2 to pcie adapter had to be ground down to fit), alternatively you can remove neighboring slot cover to make more space
    - you cannot take both top and bottom panels off at the same time, they're major structural point of the case and without one of them screwed into its place front and back panels will fall off

    Overall highly recommended for the price, but could be better in some aspects :-)

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