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Bullet BH4 mATX Case - Customizable


Product Description

*** Case orders have been temporarily suspended while we deal with our current backlog. We hope to reopen them soon. Accessory items are available to order. ***

The new Bullet series from CaseLabs: Small, powerful, deadly. Small cases that pack a BIG punch.

Bullet was designed from the ground up to provide optimum air flow and excellent cable management in a smaller format case. If you air-cool, this case was built for you.

Our design goals for Bullet were:

  • Keep the case compact – much more so that our previous designs (20-30L)
  • Allow for very clean cable management.
  • Provide excellent cooling for air coolers.
  • Provide good access, so you can get hands in and work on it. A common complaint of many SFF cases is that they can be very difficult to work with.
  • Provide the ability to show off the interior of you build, take advantage of case lighting, sleeving, etc. In this respect, we incorporated one of the most popular optional features of the S3 – dual side windows.
  • Provide a case that can get handled a lot without fear of damaging it or the components inside. To that effect, the drives are shock mounted and the MB & GPU are mounted horizontally to reduce stress when using heavy GPU’s. The exterior is a “hard shell” design made from heavy .090” (2.3mm) aluminum (the front and rear panels are made from .063” – 1.6mm). Optional handles are available.
  • Front panel USB 3.0, HD Audio included

All this at a much more affordable price. 


Technical Specs  
PCI Slots 4
Native HDD Locations 2
Native SSD Locations 4

Total possible HDD locations with extra HDD cages     

(using additional mounts)


Total possible SSD locations with extra SSD mounts      

(using adapters, purchased separately)

PSU Mounting Locations 1 (SFX/SFX-L)
Weight 7.2 pounds (3.2kg)
Rear Fan Mount (lower compartment) 60mm
Top Fan Mount (Reversible):
120.2 (240)
Front Fan Mount 2 x 120mm
Compatible Motherboard Form Factors  
mITX Yes
mATX Yes

Overall Exterior (W x H x D)
Feet add .4" (10mm) to Height

11.00" x 9.50" x 13.0"

(279mm x 241mm x 330mm)

Displacement (Liters) 22L
GPU Clearance (with fans) 282mm
Cooling Tower Clearance (air cooler) 143mm
Case Features and Included Accessories  
All Aluminum Construction Yes
Removable Motherboard Tray (non slide out)
Anti-Vandal Style Power Switch with MDPC-X Sleeved Cables Yes
Standard Front I/O Panel with HD Audio Yes
Included PSU support mount Yes

Compatible Radiator Sizes

120.1 (120) Yes
120.2 (240) Yes
Shipping Format: Domestic  
Flat Packed -
Fully Assembled Yes
Shipping Format: International
Flat Packed -

Fully Assembled


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Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Case

    Posted by Austin Michael on 24th Apr 2018

    First thing first and what I think is most important. The Kraken X52 fits in this case quite easily. If you want an AIO get that one.

    Beyond that this case was a joy to work in but I do have some gripes. Don't get me wrong. Most of this review I'm going to highlight the weak points of the case because they require the most attention but don't let that detract from a legit case.

    First Big Con: Can't flip over and mount HDD's upside down. While this isn't a big deal in a larger case in SSF it makes it a pain in the ass if you don't get lucky and your SATA cables are orientated the right way. What I'm talking about is if you have SATA cables coming off your PSU and the wires coming to the bottom SATA don't orient vertically going up you are going to be in a tough bind getting the connector in. The amount of clearance between the bottom HDD SATA connector and the bottom of the case is really close. They honestly could have raised it a few more millimeters since there is so much space between the motherboard tray and the top HDD. If you want an idea of the cables I mean look at the stock Corsair SF600 SATA Cable. On another note the CableMod cables worked nicely but unfortunately they only put two SATA cables on both of the ones they provided and I needed 5. 2x for SSD, 2x for HDD and 1x for AIO Pump.

    Second Not as Big Con but pretty annoying: After having the Caselabs S8 for a few years now this case not having a drop in mount option was the bane of my existence. Make the case like a mm or two higher and please add that on the next revision.

    3rd Con that isn't really a con but a waste of space: The area in front of the bottom fan mount has a ton of room in it I don't think will be ever used. I mean in a build like this the only things you are ever going to run that way is your motherboard and CPU power with maybe some fan headers or something.

    4th Con: With Micro ATX you are never going to be able to use the hider plate in the front of the case. I mean never and it's quite a shame because if you could the entire case would be seamless but it's also really hard to notice anything down in there but still. Another thing is that right angle SATA Cables going to the motherboard aren't going to work because there is a lip that extends beyond there the motherboard ends. Why this exists I don't know and It's honestly quite useless and does nothing but hinder a cleaner build. I mean it blocks right angle SATA cables so you are forced to use straight ones that jut out too much to allow the hider plate on. I mean mine wasn't going to go back on anyway because of the AIO tubes but still quite an odd design oversight.

    Now for the good stuff.

    1. Lightweight. I love aluminum but sometimes it makes you miss magnetism. (magnetic fan filters is what I'm getting at and when you lose a screw and can't pick it up with a magnet) God have mercy on your soul if you get your build done and then you go to put the GPU in and you drop a mounting screw down in the underbelly of the case.

    2. The drop out for the HDD and SSD case is a very nice feature. Made it so much easier to install the drives.

    3. Rear bottom fan mount is quite nice because I like it to blow fresh cool air over my HDD's.

    4. The red is a beautiful color. It's a really nice blood red. It isn't pinkish or anything.

    5. I like the handles. They do take away from the aesthetic a little bit but they are quite functional. I also got the light mounts but I don't use them haha.

    6. I would use the case feet regardless if it's on the floor or not to protect the powder coat.

    I think that's it. It's worth the money regardless of the shortcomings.

  2. Incredible quality

    Posted by Ethan Culp on 28th Nov 2017

    Never built in a CaseLabs case before so I was unsure what I was in for. Every piece is held together with phillips head screws instead of tool-less or thumbscrew mechanisms. Building is a labor of love and not for the faint of heart but the end product is a tightly packed, cable managed, clean, professional looking rig. The basement section provides excellent cable management and storage options. Modular drive cages offer more space for single storage types. With a CPU AIO and air-cooled GPU, my temps are 53 C (8700k) and 63 C (GTX 1080), respectively. Great airflow, great construction, low noise.

    AIO Notes: Get a thin radiator and slim fans. Cryorig A40 Ultimate is very large and stresses the tubes.

    Cabling Note: Get custom cables. Your included PSU cables are going to be really stiff and make the basement of the case really difficult to route everything.

    GPU Note: Support for 140mm height, but not recommended for the power cables if located on top. Try something in the <120mm range. Cards longer than 279mm will force you to slim front intake fans. Try something in the 265mm range if you are set on a particular set of front fans.

  3. Small, yet large

    Posted by Joe on 12th Feb 2017

    This is a case that is a very small footprint but allows room for more than it should. I purchased the bh4 with a MITX build in mind for a HTPC case. This is how it started and also in the beginning I had zero intentions of water cooling any components. The build started out basic with a I5-6600k and no GPU to something way more. As it sits currently I am running an I7-6700K on a ASUS Maximus VIII Impact with a GTX 970 shorty. Now this may not sound like a lot but I also have a 240 rad, a 250 ml res, an EKWB GPU block, an EKWB CPU block as well as a DDC pump. These are all connected by 12 mm hard line tubing and revolver compression fittings. This case is small but mighty case that has so much room for potential from the start. Don't let the size turn you away from this case, there is plenty of room. Also the team at CaseLabs does amazing work and their customer service is top notch, to me that alone is worth the purchase in its entirety.

    Bottom line is if you are looking for a sturdy case that's made from the top quality components but also has a small footprint with plenty of room built in look no further. Get you and don't regret anything.

  4. Très bon boîtier mais pas exempt de défauts

    Posted by Julien D on 3rd Feb 2017

    French review for my colleagues who are not bilingual.

    Premièrement il faut bien le reconnaître, la qualité de fabrication est incroyable. C'est solide, très bien fini et léger.

    Je ne vais pas m'attarder sur tous les points qui font la force de ce boîtier car ils sont tous cités dans les autres commentaires, mais je vais plutôt faire un point sur ses défauts :

    - les emplacements pour filtres à poussière ne sont pas pratiques et il est nécessaire de tout démonter pour les nettoyer. J'ai donc fait le choix de ne pas en mettre et de passer un petit coup de compresseur de temps en temps.4
    - le trou rectangulaire du boîtier permettant de loger le panneau de la carte mère n'est pas correctement aligné. Je n'ai pas pu utiliser la plaque de ma carte mère. Je trouve cela inadmissible pour un boîtier de ce tarif.
    - autre point décevant, le support des disques 3.5 n'est pas assez haut. Il est impossible de connecter l'alimentation du disque du bas (dans mon cas une alimentation Corsair SF). J'ai donc eu recours à une rallonge d'alimentation sata... De plus, le système de montage n'est pas des plus pratiques mais à le mérite d'être silencieux.

    Enfin, j'espère que par la suite, d'autres accessoires seront disponibles (voici une suggestion pour Caselabs)

    EN : I hope some new parts will be released in the futur, like :
    - a full transparent plexiglass top cover
    - a remplacement UBS 3 front panel connector (to put some USB type C on front)
    - a new HDD cage to fix the height problem (to plug the power sata cable)

  5. Exceeded expectations

    Posted by Alex on 6th Nov 2016

    The design, simplicity, materials, and build quality are unparalleled and unlike any other computer case I have owned. I am extremely pleased with this case and would highly recommend it. I did have some issues with the case and will list them out below.

    * Small, light, and sturdy
    * Minimalistic
    * A great deal more

    * Huge frustration was the screws for the PCI-e card bays. When attempting to install a large graphics card the screws are almost impossible to get in place. Similarly when attempting to remove the screws its like playing operation or jenga to pull it out. I cannot count the number of times those screws fell into the case or into the graphics card, requiring me to literally shake the case upside down to get them out just to have to try again. It is small issue but by far the must frustrating part of working with this case.
    * Lining up the motherboard with the standoffs is tricky as the motherboard tray does not include one of the common plastic bumps where a screw would normally go to hold the motherboard in relatively correct location while the other standoffs are screwed in.
    * Removing the top of the case to work on the internals takes a while to remove and much longer to re-attach. There are 14 small screws that must be removed and replaced. Thumb screws and/or a sliding mechanism would have been appreciated.
    * The front power button has a bright blue light when the computer is on. It is easy to disable this light but I would have preferred either RGB or less bright.

    Side notes regarding AIO coolers fitting in case
    I tried to fit a H100i v2 AIO cooler in the case but it is too wide for the front 2x 120mm fans and the tubes are too long to fit in the case with the CPU directly underneath when mounting on the top 2x 120mm mount. Nothing against the case, the radiator and tubes are just designed for a large case.

    The Corsair H75 fits on the front 2x 120mm mount unless you have the plexiglass windows. The plexiglass makes the area just narrow enough for it to fit. It does fit on either of the top 120mm slots.

  6. The Most Incredible Case

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2016

    Strong. Sturdy. A pleasure to build in. Not for beginners but can turn out some beautiful guts.

  7. Great case

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2016

    Fantastic build quality

  8. My case is still in its box.

    Posted by Slim on 20th Jun 2016

    I pre-ordered this case (BH4) as soon as it got announced. I did not use the case so, why am i posting a review ? Well, first i opened the box to inspect the case for any shipping damage, and there was none because the case is perfectly packed and second I know the CaseLabs quality because i already own a Mercury S8S.When i inspected the BH4 i was pleased to see the same level of detail and craftsmanship i saw with the Mercury. Sure, the Bullet series was not neglected because of its small sizes. Just buy it already !

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