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Bottom Accessory Mounts


        The Bottom Accessory Mounts are available in single, double, triple or quad sizes (referring to either the 120mm or 140mm holes at the bottom of the case). They provide a more solid surface for mounting pumps, and can be very useful for compression fittings when using a pedestal. They are made from thick aluminum, and are recessed to clear screws.


    Bottom Accessory Mount – 120mm Single (MAC-128)



    Bottom Accessory Mount – 120mm Double (MAC-129)


    Bottom Accessory Mount – 120mm Triple (MAC-130)


    Bottom Accessory Mount 120mm Quad (MAC-209)


    Bottom Accessory Mount – 120mm Tubing Management (pair) (MAC-214)


Bottom Accessory Mount – 140mm Single (MAC-296) - in deveoplment


Bottom Accessory Mount – 140mm Tubing Management (single) (MAC-297) - in deveoplment



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Bottom mount - 120mm single shown in the bottom of a SM8



Bottom mount - 120mm double shown in the bottom of a SM8





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