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What To Look For When Buying Your First Custom Computer Case

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Most people dream about all the cool stuff they're going to put into their computer case. While that is certainly a great part to building a computer, your computer’s case is very important, too. In fact, here at CaseLabs, we believe that If you’re thinking about building a new computer, or upgrading an old one, your first thought shouldn’t be “what’s the fastest processor I can afford?” but rather “what kind of case do I need?” Why? Which custom computer case you buy determines the size of your computer, the hardware you can stuff inside, the cooling you can provide to components, and the noise your computer will generate.

Here are the questions you should be asking yourself about the internal space of your custom computer case:

  • What motherboard formats are supported in my new case?
  • Does it have enough internal and external drive mounts to hold all of my stuff? What if I want to upgrade?
  • If you have a solid state drive, does the case have a mount that will accept it? Even if you don't have one now, you may want to upgrade in the near future.
  • How many fans can be installed and how large can they be?
  • Will my video card fit? Do I have room for future upgrades?
  • Will my CPU cooler fit? Is there room for future upgrades?

If you're ready to buy your custom computer case, or if you still have questions, contact CaseLabs today! We're your number 1 source for all things case related!