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Signs Your Computer Needs Some Help

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Computer crashes seem to happen randomly, but there’s usually a good reason you’re getting the blue screen of death. Computer crashes always indicate something isn’t right behind the scenes. It may be something simple and annoying, or it could be a large problem that will result in a huge crash and loss of files. Staying vigilant and knowing what makes computers crash is the best way to keep your computer going. In today’s blog, we’re going to help you out by sharing some of the signs your computer is about to crash and what you can do about them.

The fans are way louder than usual

  • Fans working on overdrive mean an overheated computer. The fans are trying to keep the heat from damaging your hardware. If you don’t do something, you probably will experience a crash and hardware damage. 
  • We recommend you install a monitoring tool that can report the temperatures of your CPU and GPU. 
  • If your computer is indeed overheating, it’s probably because of insulating dust buildup. Open it up and clean it out with compressed air.

Random files and programs are corrupted

  • This is a slow-moving progression that should always be addressed. If you find that once-dependable files or pograms won’t open or rarely work, it’s time to take action. 
  • Make sure your anti-virus is updated and running right. Do a full system scan for malware. 
  • If the scan comes up with nothing, check your hard drive; it might be failing. 
  • If neither of those options work, check out your device manager program for hardware conflicts; drivers might be causing the problem.

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