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Is Your Power Supply Failing?

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When you build your own computer, the power supply is one of the first things to buy. The PSU is foundational to your entire system, and it determines how far you can take your machine. Every time you use your computer, it’s converting alternating electric current into direct current your computer can use. That means that when it has issues, everybody has issues! The good news is, the trouble signs are pretty clear, and if you can recognize them, it’s easy enough to diagnose the problem and replace the supply before anything gets damaged. In today’s blog, we’re going to share the signs that your power supply is having trouble!

  • Nothing happens when you turn the computer on.
    • You may see a blinking light on the back of the PSU (if it has one). You may also see a flashing light on the front of the computer.
  • Your computer turns off without warning.
    • If your computer runs for a while but turns off randomly, something may be wrong. If it falls into a blue screen, this is also a sign that the PSU is struggling.
  • You hear strange noises.
    • If you’re hearing odd sounds coming from the back of your computer, where the cord travels, the PSU may be trying to tell you something is up.
  • Your computer only stays on for a few seconds.
    • If you boot your computer and it turns right off, check your PSU and your motherboard. This problem can come from either place.

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