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How to Prolong the Life of Your Power Supply

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No power supply unit (PSU) lasts forever. However, yours can last pretty long if you take good care of it. We want you to love your computer, and keeping it running is pretty important! In our last blog, we explored signs that your PSU needs to be replaced. Today, we’re going to share some tips to keep those trouble signs at bay!

Get a good PSU in the first place

  • Yes, this one is kind of obnoxious, but it’s so important, we had to include it. Quality always makes a difference, and you’ll really feel it when it comes to a PSU. Spend a little more on a great PSU and save on replacement costs in the future!

Don’t overload your PSU

  • Once you have all your computer’s components installed and powered, your PSU should still have excess power - 20 percent at a minimum. You want the PSU to easily power your computer; this will keep it from wearing down faster under strain.

Keep everything cool

  • An overheated PSU ages quickly, so make sure you keep it under 80 degrees F. The same goes for the rest of your computer.

Fight the dust

  • Dust has an insulating effect, and it can quickly damage your PSU. Use compressed air periodically to keep the PSU as dust-free as possible.

Get a good computer case

  • A great computer case will give you enough access to maintain your PSU. It will allow for cooling airflow, and it will keep as much dust out as possible. 
  • At Caselabs, we sell world-class computer cases, and we would love to give you the case you can depend on!