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How Often Should I Clean My Computer? Part 1

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Do you take pride in your computer? Did you pour your heart (and your wallet) into it? 

Whether you did or not, keeping your computer clean is the best way to maximize its lifespan. When you think about it, your computer works hard to cool itself, and the only way to do that is to pull air inside it. We’ve all seen the dust floating in a beam of light, so we know the air around us is full of particles. When they get pulled into your computer, they can get stuck, and after a while, your lean, mean computing machine becomes hot, clogged, and stifled.

We all can agree that cleaning a computer is a great way to help it function at the height of its capacity. However, cleaning a computer too often can be very hard on it. 

So, how often should you clean your computer?

It depends on your environment as well as where your computer tower is placed. For instance, if you keep the tower on the floor, your computer will be highly vulnerable to dirt, hair, skin cells, and carpet fibers. That’s the first key for any computer placement (as we’re sure you know): keep it off the floor. If you have to keep it on the floor, you’ll be cleaning it more often. Beyond that, there are general factors that deeply affect how often you should clean your computer. Read on and see if any of these factors exist in your home or office!

Do You Own a Furry Pet?

If you do, you benefit from having a fluffy, soft friend. You probably also have a lot of loose fur in your home. Whether your pet sheds like crazy or only occasionally, it can be a massive source of both fur and dandruff. These contaminants probably will get into your food, all over your pants, and into your computer case. Fur clogs fans in particular. You’ll want to at least check in with your computer every three to six months.

Do You Eat and Drink By Your Computer?

It’s more normal to consume food and drink around your computer than to not. You just need to remember to clean your computer (as well as your keyboard and mouse) regularly. Otherwise, crumbs, sticky patches, and grease will wear your gear down faster.

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