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Custom Computer Cases And The Basics Of PC Cooling

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Heat is one thing that we certainly take for granted but it also poses one of the greatest dangers to your computer. In fact, here at CaseLabs, we believe that If you’re thinking about building a new computer, or upgrading an old one, your first thought shouldn’t be “what’s the best graphics card I can afford?” but rather “what kind of case do I need and will it provide adequate air flow?” Why? Which custom computer case you buy determines the cooling you can provide to components and thus the amount of noise your computer generates.

Computers are generally cooled by airflow. This means that they need a lot of air flowing around inside of them to keep the heat out of their chassis. To keep the internal airflow within your custom computer case at a maximum, there are a few things to watch out for:

  • Keep your cables neat and clean. Why? The cables inside your computer case can block airflow if they're just scattered all over the place.
  • Keep the dust to a minimum, too. This may be obvious, but accumulating dust inside your PC can be deadly. In fact, it acts to insulate the devices it covers, thus keeping heat in and doing the exact opposite of what you want. Plus, dust clogged fans and vents restrict the amount of airflow possible within your machine.
  • Periodically check the fans inside your case to make sure they're running effectively. Fans can fail, resulting in significant reductions in airflow.