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Building Computers: We Wish We Had Known 4

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We at CaseLabs have built computers, and there are many things we wish we had known before we built our first machines. We are on a mission to provide world-class computer cases and structural hardware … and tips to help you avoid our mistakes.

In our last blog, we discussed buying components all at once in order to assure compatibility and success. In this blog, we’re going to go practical - think about dust, dirt, and noise!

  1. Take steps to help with dust, dirt, and noise
    • Dust and dirt build up fast within a computer - you’d be surprised! They are the worst, because they clog up your components and can significantly shorten their lives … which costs you money! We will discuss ways to keep these pests out of your computer in a future blog!
    • When it comes to noise, your power supply will probably be the biggest culprit. It generates a lot of heat, and it needs to keep itself cool, which mean fans. The more powerful the supply, the bigger and more numerous the fans. Truly, you can heat a small room with the right power supply. And good luck sleeping.
    • The good news about noise and dirt is that everyone struggles with them, and a lot of innovations have come about as a result. Do your research to find a quiet power supply and keep the dust out!

At Caselabs, we think building a computer is one of the best things you can do. Not only do you get a beautiful machine tailor-made to your goals, you learn a ton on the way. Shop our computer cases and components today!

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