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2.5" HDD/SSD Mounting Kit


Product Description

Mounts two 2.5" HDD's or SSD's up to 15mm thick each. The mount is designed to fit in one of the HDD drive positions in any HDD cage assembly. M3 screws included.

This part fits: Within any HDD cage assembly.

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  1. Best way to mount an SSD.

    Posted by Gadget on 2nd Jul 2016

    Each of these mounts can hold two SSD's and fits within the space of a single Hard Disk Drive. It came as a surprise that I had to order these separately from the Mercury S8 case, but it was a good decision to get these mounts because it just wasn't going to happen without them. It saved me a lot of time and headaches by getting these mounts. I'm very happy with them.

    I do not work for, nor have I been paid by, Case Labs, or any other party or entity that could have influenced or encouraged me to write this review.

  2. Life saver for SSD's and 2.5'' drives

    Posted by George on 11th Apr 2016

    A must have now for SSD flash drives and for 2.5 hdd. I placed it inside a double wide magnum standard HDD cage and it's perfect.

    Forgot to tell in my review for TH10A case is literally out of this W O R L D . it simply reminds me a Star Trek Episode when the BORG appear and everything else is just a toy.

  3. Solid!

    Posted by darlington michael on 22nd Sep 2015

    Mounts very well into the HDD Cage Expansion Kit and doesn't require 'unscrewing' screws to remove the 2.5" HDD/SSD Mounting from the HDD Cage Expansion Kit because of the vibration damper mounting to the Expansion kit. ( A person has the 2.5 out of the case before ever having to remove a screw.
    These parts are built to last a lifetime.. or until the SSD/HDD modeling changes, lol.

  4. simple and great

    Posted by mike hoang on 30th Jun 2015

    All you have to do is pop this in and screw it and its done. Its nicely made and strong. Does the job well mounting 2 ssds to it.

  5. Excellent

    Posted by Marco on 13th Feb 2015

    Excellent mounting solution for those who wants to fit a couple of SSDs in a standard HDD Cage.

    Tested with one Samsung 850 Pro 512GB and it just slides in without issue.


  6. Simple to use

    Posted by Anthony Anderson on 2nd Apr 2014

    Easy to install your ssd's or slim hard drives. Fits in hard drive case with no problems. It was just plain simple to use.

  7. Perfect`

    Posted by Kevin on 20th Mar 2014

    This SSD/HHD converter was perfect for the mercury S8 HHD cage, I had 4 SSDS and 2HHDs and it all fit in one cage due to these.

  8. 2x ssd mount

    Posted by ali on 9th Jun 2013

    simly to fit 2xssd to this mount and pop it in the hard drive cage,a great product.

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